All you Need to Know about Barbet Dog Breed


The Barbet is a rare and ancient water dog that has been used for hunting water games ever since the 14th century. It has webbed paws to help in swimming. Barbet eyes are round and dark brown and its tail is raised with a small hook at the end. Long hair covers the dog wide and flat ears. It will extend beyond the jaw when brought in front of the face. Its curly and long coat can form strands, and coat colors include brown, solid black, gray, cream, fawn, and white, and may have white markings.
The Barbet Dog is a medium-sized French gun dog. It is believed that the Barbet dog was the first original water dog breed. The origin of this breed is not entirely known, but it is probably crossed with herding stock and some griffon hounds. These dogs are not well known outside of France. This breed is very capable of retrieving and is used for waterfowl hunting and also as devoted companions.


This breed is extremely intelligent and keen on learning. These dogs love to work and are also eager to please their owners. You will find this breed to be very composed, flexible, submissive but at the same time lively. Some of these dogs may, however, be very shy. Seeing that this is a working dog, they love water and to be involved in retrieving tasks. They will also do very well as a family pet. This breed will not do well when confined to a kennel, as they will probably fade away in such an environment. It is advised that these dogs are taken for walks on a regular basis so that they can get the chance to exercise and enjoy themselves.

The woolly coat of the Barbet dog has very high grooming needs. You will find that the coats of these dogs become matted fairly easy, particularly when the dogs go into the water very often. In order for the coat to grow properly, the puppy should be shaved fully when they are between four to six months old. If the coat is shaved at regular intervals, the coat will also grow thicker. The Barbet dog should have a thick woolly coat if it is going to be used for show purposes. A coat used for these purposes should have no mats or knots. Special attention should be paid to the ears of these dogs, and hairs inside them should be removed.

The Barbet is a dog that will learn very quickly. They are also very sensitive to the voice of their handlers as the dogs love to please them. It is also crucial to be consistent in the training of these dogs, as the dogs will not take a handler seriously that is no authority.

Health problems
The Barbet dog is prone to suffering from health conditions such as hip dysplasia, cataracts, and skin allergies which have been seen in some of the bloodlines.

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