Why Dog Blogs Are So Popular

Dog blogs can be dedicated to anything. Some dedicate their blogs to new tricks, training or competition standings. These can serve as ways to either show others how their dog has improved its abilities or to provide information about dog care and other helpful resources. Others write about any quirks or mannerisms the dog displayed that were unusual or cute. While others write about the places they went together, like a dog park or a public beach, as well as the activities the dog and the dog's owner participated in together.

Dog blogging has become so popular that some sites, offer blogging services only to people who are blogging about their dogs. They have designed a dog blog community, where proud owners can use to post pictures of their dog or tell stories of their dog's behaviors. Blogging about dogs go beyond explaining dog training and behaviors - some dog owners actually put themselves in the first person, as though the dog itself is writing each blog post. This eccentric yet fun method of blogging allows the owners to bring their dogs to life not just for themselves, but for other dog lovers interested in seeing what other dogs are doing.

It also provides a lasting memento for their dog memories. Before now, dog owners usually create journals and cut and paste pictures of their dogs - a process that was generally expensive and, if the dog itself was particularly destructive one day, could easily be lost or damaged.

Blogging on the internet allows dog owners to take their stories with them as well. Instead of lugging a large photo album to family reunions, the dog owner can log into their site and show their relatives how their dog is doing, how it’s grown, what it’s learned, and anything else they might be interested in.

Dog blogs allow for the sharing of information with other dog owners. And novice owners found it very useful and that may be important for the safety of their furry pals. Doglopedix.com is one site that is committed to providing a platform that caters to dog owners while covering information and best practices on Dogs. And there are a lot of other dog blogs that provide any resources that every dog owners, especially the novice owners need to take care of their dogs.  Feedspot.com makes it a bit easier by providing the dog community with the most comprehensive list of the top 200 dog blog on the web.

While the popularity of blogs may vary over time, dog blogging will never lose its momentum. That is because unlike social blogs, which are written to share an opinion of society or to persuade someone to believe a certain opinion, dog blogs are done because of the love of the dog's owner, and the pride the owner takes in their dog's life and accomplishments. As long as there are still proud owners, there will always be proud dog bloggers.

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