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See the long course and widely spaced hair growing around the muzzle of your dog? These are whiskers. This finely tuned and very sensitive sensory structure is scientifically known as vibrissae. Most animals have whiskers. These hairs are not just there to enhance the appearance of the dog. Whiskers serve an important function. The whisker is a sensitive organ of touch that is comparable to the human's fingertips.

We commonly call, the rather long but sparse hairs that grow in the side of the nose, on the upper lip and on the chin, whiskers. But did you know that whiskers are not only found on the dog's muzzle area, but also on its forehead? The hairs above the dog's eyes are also called whiskers although these hairs are a bit shorter than the ones growing on the muzzle. Whiskers are also the first hairs that puppies grow. Except for the size, whiskers are almost the same as ordinary hair. Whiskers are more than twice as large as normal hair.

The roots are also embedded three times deeper. The root of a whisker is set amidst a network of small nerves. The rich nerve supply in the follicle makes whiskers an intricate receptor. These very sensitive tactile hairs receive the vibrations in the air currents and send the message to the brain. The dog can then sense the presence of a predator or an object in its way. Whiskers are equated with eyelashes. Both send messages to the brain that makes the dog automatically shut the eyes when the whiskers are brushed against an object. This protects the eyes from being harmed.

Whiskers serve as a kind of antenna that tells the dog all kinds of information. It is a good navigation tool that is especially useful when the dog is foraging at night and it is more difficult to see. Dogs and other animals feel their way in the dark with the aid of the whiskers. Whiskers inform the dog about its surroundings. The dog's whiskers are considered to be an important hunting tool as well. Of course, dogs are known for their excellent sense of smell, but these very sensitive hairs help the dog detect prey several meters away. Dogs are diggers. They track and follow prey in their burrows.

The whiskers allow the dog to know if the opening is wide enough for it to get through. Scientists also believe that whiskers are excellent mood indicators that are purportedly used by the dog to subdue and frighten a predator.

The Functions of Dogs Whiskers

Getting a new dog is an exciting time for everyone in a household, however, it is important to be properly supplied before your new canine family member settles in. You must have been informed about the brushes, collars, and leashes, but what about the more uncommon pet supplies that are convenient for us to buy? The following are a few that may tickle your fancy.

Strollers - Yes, push-chair as in a pram for your pet! If you are the owner of a little dog that does not like walking too far but loves hanging out with them out in the unpolluted air then this is the item that you want! Prices start at around $60 and are available in a range of different colors.

Pet sun lotion, Hot Oil, and Hand & Feet soap. - Each priced in the region of $35 each - but at least she is going to be looking wonderful for her wedding day!!!

Neuticles - Implants for after the fixing of your dog, so that everything still looks'macho'. Costs alter depending on size and production but are around $100 to $1000.

Pet wedding Supplies - The hippest pet thing to do now is to have your pets married - Pamela Anderson did. Hostels are even getting in on the money by offering wedding planners and locations to conduct the ceremony. Tuxedos and Bridal Gowns are available on the net and can be made to gauge. Costs beginning from $100 for marriage wear and $250 for the wedding rite. Great excuse for a party!

Pet Cell - This is a $300 cell phone that clips onto the collar of your pooch and lets you talk with him/her wherever you are. There is a calling plan price too, of $15 a month.

Fur Coats - from $4500. This seems very not right for me... Putting one dead animal skin/fur onto another bushy small animal?

DVDs - Not for you to enjoy, except for your dear pet. There is a selection of programs made in particular for your dog/cat/bird available to get and provide hours of entertainment for your pet! Be careful though, pet obesity is on the increase and TV is supposed to be used alongside regular exercise!

Here I have listed the most unfamiliar items that are available to buy; I doubt that there'll be a mass in-flow into the shops and online retailers selling these items!

Some of the commoner, cheap or practical unique pet supplies are coats for in the rain, excessive collars and leashes, Nike doggy trainers and sun caps.

There is a lot out there and the pet industry is booming like never before, a $14 billion industry. Pets are now most commonly owned by singletons, unwed couples, or couples without youngsters - therefore that cats and dogs are to be treated more and more like people - babies.
Anything ‘special' for them.

7 Amazing Pet Supplies You've Never Heard Of

Kim Kardashian may not be able to prevent Kanye from blaming the blacks for slavery, but there is still a man in her life she can control.

Rocky, her dog is the man, the pooch she had neutered, just like any responsible pet owner. Bizarrely, she had bought fake testicles for him… for a whopping £10,000.

According to the New York Times, Kim has spent £10,000 to buy prosthetic testicles for Rocky.

Purportedly, she bought the Neuticles and had them implanted because she wanted to help Rocky's self-esteem.

A few years back, precisely 2012, Kim told The Independent that he did not like big balls on dogs or anything else.

This is a kind of strange comment in general. Some people do not feel comfortable with their dog’s genitalia view, which is a perfectly fine neurosis to have.

It's the "anything else" line that's weirder for her to include. Aside from inconvenience during a couple of sex acts, who cares about testicle size? Whatever. Maybe she was trying to be funny. It was 2012.

Anyway, people assume she bought Neuticles that were smaller than the originals.

According to Gregg Miller, the creator of Neuticles, who does not mince words when advocating for people to purchase his expensive product has these to say, “Some have their dog turned into a eunuch because they don’t care," Miller told The Daily Mail.

Kim Kardashian spent £10K on fake testicles for Her Dog

It has been customary for people to feed a meal's remains to their dogs. But ever since companies had started creating pet foods, through the advances that were made in technology and agriculture, people had been bombarded with lots of different kinds of instant foods for their dogs. With all the colorful and innovative packaging of dog foods, how would you know if you are giving your dog the right kind of nutrition?

A balanced nutrition is a must for your pets, so one must consider carefully before buying pet food products for your dog. Some wrong practices in feeding your dog include allowing them to eat too much food and giving them the wrong kind of food. Overeating will let your dog become fat, and letting them eat foods that are not proper for his diet, will get them sick. Us, humans get sick through these practices, and so do our dogs if they do not have a well-balanced diet on a regular basis.

You must, therefore, provide for healthy and balanced meals that will support the health and growth in your dog. A balanced meal includes carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, lipids, etc. in their proper food amounts. It may be pretty hard to calculate that on the food that you are giving to your dog, but you can always determine if it is just right depending on his weight. You only have to make sure that he is neither skinny nor fat. And actually, too skinny is safer for your pet than being too fat.

You can find some help from books that discuss the caloric needs of dogs. It can be determined by knowing their breed, metabolism, eating habits, and weight. The best dog foods must contain only a small amount of digestible fillers and must provide the nutrient and caloric needs of your dog. It can be quite pricey but it should not be a major cause for concern. Some products may contain the same amount of nutrients but be composed of entirely different ingredients.

One may be made of cheaper ingredients than the other, but both could contain the same ratio of nutrients. For example, most glucosamine for dogs products contain the same exact ingredients. When you have known the specific needs of your dog from the number of nutrients to the amount of energy that they would need, you must then proceed on deciding about which brand of pet food to buy.

Like Human, Dog Need Balanced Nutrition

Dog fleas are an unfortunate but all too common problem that every dog owner must face at least once in his or her life. Dog fleas not only cause dog skin allergies and force your pet to itch and scratch, but they also plague an entire household and can wreak havoc on the other human and animal inhabitants as well!

Some of the most common symptoms of flea infestation on your dog are, excessive scratching or itching, loss of hair, lesions of the skin, reddish raised bumps and flea dirt or flea droppings. If your dog is experiencing some or all of these symptoms then it probably has a flea problem.

The average lifespan of a flea is around 3 or 4 months if that and most dogs only have about five percent of their bodies infected with fleas. This means that the rest of the flea population is usually somewhere in your house or your yard. The cycle goes like this, the fleas lay the eggs on your dogs and the eggs fall off in the areas most common to your pet thus the yard or in the house.

One of the best preventative methods of flea control is to bathe your canine regularly, especially in the summer months. If it is already infected then add either neem oil or eucalyptus to the bath water, both of these is natural flea repellents. Using a flea comb will capture the dog fleas when bathing and they will die as you dip the comb in the bath solution.

Also very effective are flea repellents which come in the form of collars, oils, which you can rub on their coat or powders. It is important to read the labels on these products carefully because some chemicals in these may be harmful to your pet.

The next step is to cleanse those areas in your home where you suspect there may be flea infestations. There are flea bombs and sprays that can be purchased, which are effective to some degree but a good through vacuuming is probably the best thing. Vacuum and clean the areas where you know your pet "hangs out" most to include their sleeping area.

If your canine spends a good deal of time outside then it only makes sense to rid these areas of fleas as well. Cedar chips in areas your dog frequents are a natural repellent for flea control. There are also commercial products that can be sprayed on your lawn with use of your garden hose. Keep in mind that you will have to reapply these products after heavy rains.

Finally providing your pet with a healthy diet is a great preventative treatment for fleas on dogs. A healthy diet keeps your pets immune system strong reducing the effects of fleas invading their body. Some say that adding a little garlic or yeast to your dog's food aids in keeping fleas away because the fleas hate the way it tastes. Be careful as too much can be harmful.

The Best ways to Get Rid of Dog Fleas

It's summertime and with it comes celebration. We always enjoy a good barbeque, and so can our canine friend. Visitors come over for the celebration and everyone enjoys a good meal. There are some dangers that you need to help your pup avoid though.

Always make sure the gates are closed: Your yard needs to be secured so that your pup doesn't escape into the wilderness of the world. Make sure that all the gates are closed, and your pup is safe. As you begin to cook, keep in mind that matches and other items should be kept away from your pup. Matches may seem harmless in the paws of a dog, but they contain phosphorous which is deadly to them. Once lit, the grille will be hot and boiling grease will likely drip down.

Burns are another great danger:  Keep your pup away from this. They may smell the grease and want a taste, leading to burns as the hot liquid drips down onto them. Also be sure to keep any trash out of your pup's reach. Bones and plastic utensils can hurt a dog's insides, so be sure your canine friend does not have access to your garbage.

Harmful foods: As you enjoy your meal, it will be hard to keep your pup under control. They smell that good food, and can't always help themselves to want it. Inform your visitors not to feed your pup, as greasy and spicy foods can build up in their pancreas and may lead to an inflammation. Other foods to be very wary of are onions, avocados, grapes, and raisins. These are very toxic for a dog, and you may end up at the vet's office. Most of all, don't give your pup alcohol. It may seem funny, but it is very bad for them. The alcohol can hurt their respiratory system and dehydrate them. Treat your pup like your child, keep an eye on them, and don't let them get into mischief.

Other dangers with common summer items: There are some other dangers that come with a cookout. Things like bug-spray and another insect repellant should be kept out of reach. This is especially true for candles that give off repelling fumes. Fireworks are also a danger to your pup. They may get excited and pounce on them, and the noise can often hurt their sensitive ears. During the day, the summer sun can kiss your pups nose so you might consider applying a dog formulated sunscreen to protect your pup. At night, glow-in-the-dark jewelry is fun for the kids just don't let them leave it around for your pup to chew on. The chemicals within are poisonous. Take care not to leave any other items around that your pup might happen into. With all the family and friends around, it can be tough to keep up with what gets left on the ground, or in a place where your pup can get to.

Having a great holiday is important, but be aware that your pup may find mischief. Keep an eye on them and don't leave anything dangerous where they can reach. They are clever animals and enjoy spending time with you. By keeping your pup safe from dangers, you can ensure a safe and happy barbeque for you and your four-legged friend.

Summer Time Events – Your Dog And Your BBQ

Swimming is another great way of keeping fit for animals, for a dog, a 5-minute swim is equivalent to about a 5-mile run. However it has not yet caught on as a popular pet pastime - you don't hear folks saying 'I'm just off to swim the dog!

Rover, The world’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers has set up the UK’s first ever dog swimming gala, which is taking place in London this month.

The event has been set up to promote the launch of their new website. Dog parent can bring along their buddies to this event and enjoy a range of activities including dog inflatables, dog polo, icy treats, a 20-minute free swimming session as well as talks on general pet care.

The event will take place on 17 July at West Reservoir Centre in Hackney, where humans are invited to bring their dogs to swim, race and have a general muck about.

It’s hot – Proud owners can also enter their dogs into the main event, a 10-meter swimming race, where the winner can receive a month of free dog walks, courtesy of Rover. Check out the more refreshing pictures of dogs in pools. Present the UK's first dog swimming gala in London

You love almost everything about being a dog owner, but you still haven't reached the point where taking your dog for walks in the rain or snow, or late at night, are fun for you. Yet there your dog sits, eagerly awaiting a romp and a chance to stretch his or her legs. But the weather is bad, sickness, or time issues, having a dog treadmill will give you a convenient dog exercising alternative. And keeping your dog fit is what's important.

In addition, if you are priming your pooch for a show, having a dog treadmill can be a real advantage. Watching your dog's gaits as it moves on the treadmill will give you an idea of how it will appear to the show's judges, and if the animal does not appear to be moving properly, you can fix the problem before it gets worse.

Your Dog Treadmill Options

A dog treadmill can be either motor or dog-powered, and the dog-powered ones will cost the least. Dog-powered treadmills have been around as canine training and fitness tools for a very long time.

There are, however, some dog owners who like the features offered by a motor-driven dog treadmill; these machines have a built-in incline and speed adjustments, and some of them have even more advanced features.

You can choose a dog treadmill which has "bait" which hangs in front of your dog's face and keeps Fido interested in the chase, or those with protective walls which keep Fido from tumbling off. You will also find dog treadmills designed with dogs of particular sizes and temperaments in mind, so talk to your dog's trainer or veterinarian for suggestions on how to narrow down your choices.

Getting Doggie To Use The Treadmill

Many dogs will be reluctant to hop on a motorized dog treadmill for the first time because such machines tend to be noisy. But your dog will eventually get used to the noise.

While the machine is idle, let your dog take as much time as it needs to sniff it and get accustomed to its presence. After a little while, signal your dog to jump onto the dog treadmill the way you signal him or her to jump into your car. You can even put the dog on a leash and walk it back and forth along the treadmill for a couple of minutes.

When you decide to operate the machine, stand in front of it and continue to hold onto the leash, so that the dog will have an impression of being led. Look straight into your dog's eyes and use an encouraging tone of voice.

Having a dog treadmill in the house will solve the problem of those rainy. Cold, or snowy days, and give you a way to add to your dog's exercise regimen without extra inconvenience. You can find a good selection of dog treadmills at your local pet center, or from your dog's trainer.

Dog Treadmill - A Raining Day Solution for walking your Dog

Dogs are born to sniff. The part of the dog brain that is dedicated to analyzing scent is 40 times better than that of the human and dogs can identify smells at least 1,000 times better than we can. Although dogs also have the propensity to dig and roll on something that seems to have died months ago and made the owner give the dog a good bath.

When you see your dog sniffing the grass, the plants, sniffing the food, sniffing each other behind, sniffing you and other people, did you ever wonder why they do? The dog's nose is considered to be their most excellent "equipment". The nose is one of the reasons why primitive dog survived in the wilds. Apart from scenting the prey, the excellent sense of smell enables to the dog to avoid danger.

Dogs sniff a lot as by doing so they can understand other dogs well. Have you noticed a dog sniffing other dogs backside? This is done to identify the dog. The dog has a personal and unique smell. This is the counterpart of the human's fingerprints. Through sniffing the dog identifies if the other dog is friendly, one he can play with or a threat that he should be wary of.

The dog is said to be man’s best friend. They are loyal and would give their lives to protect the master. But aside from this, dogs can empathize with the emotional state of the human. The outstanding olfactory capability enables the dog to tell the difference between tears of joy and tears of pain and sadness. Notice how your dog would lean on you, would snuggle at you when you are sad. The dog is offering comfort. Dog sniff other people to identify if they are not a threat. When you let a visitor enter your home, the dog would immediately sniff the stranger.

A dog can tell if a pooch is pregnant by sniffing but did you know that our furry friends can also tell if you are not well? This ability is not due to a sixth sense. This is possible because the dog has a sense of smell that is several million times better than human. Merely by sniffing, a dog can tell if a woman is pregnant. Studies conducted have verified the ability of the dog to tell if a person has a certain kind of cancer. This is also true with some other kinds of ailments.

Sniffing dogs have become excellent partners of the police force. Because of the excellent smelling ability, the dog has become an invaluable helper in search and rescue operations as the dog can find people buried in rubble and in the snow. Dogs have excelled in narcotics and bomb detection because of their excellent scenting abilities.

Why Do Dogs like to Sniff Everything?

Holiday time is coming up, and what could be better than bringing your furry four-legged friend with you! Pups love to be with their owners and many people like to take their beloved pets out in the car with them. This is a great way to get your dog out for some exercise and used to other people and environments. Your dog will love the car journey as it is fun being out and about, seeing new places and people. Although it is great to load the dog into the car and simply drive off, you need to ensure that you remember the basic safety issues of your dog being in the car.

If you decide that you want to take your dog in your car you need to remember that it is very unlikely he will want to sit down. The whole experience will be very exciting and this will lead to your dog jumping and leaping around. Your dog potentially is a lethal weapon on your backseat, he can go from a 50-pound dog to a 100-pound missile if you suddenly have to brake or swerve. If your dog flies forward and hits you or one of your passengers then it can be fatal. Also, dogs love to sit with their heads out of the car window, if they get the opportunity then they will often leap from the car whether it is stationary or not.

Would we put our children in the backseat of our vehicle without strapping them in safely? Of course not! So why then would we let our dog run free around the vehicle? In a collision at speeds of only 30mph, a 15lb dog can exert a force of up to 300lbs! Between 3 million and 5 million pets are killed each year in auto accidents, many of which could have been prevented by simply securing them in a safety restraint. The best thing to do with your dog ensures that they are wearing a dog seatbelt. Just like any other passenger in the car, the best thing for all is for everyone to be secured and safe in the car. Your dog will get used to the feeling of being secure and will soon get used to the seatbelt and will often lie down and go to sleep.

Ensure whatever type of dog seatbelt you purchase it is designed not only for the size of your dog but also the vehicle. There are several different sizes and styles that you can buy and depend on the size of your dog will usually determine the price. The best way for your dog to get used to wearing a dog seatbelt is when they are young, if they have worn one since they are puppies then they won't think anything of it. Try very short journeys with the seatbelt at first and let your dog get used to the way it feels. Ensure you treat your dog every time it behaves well while wearing the seatbelt, this will put a positive spin on the whole experience.

Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Dog in a Car