Tips To Keep Your Puppy Warm During Winter

As humans, when winter approaches and it begins to get cold outside we compensate by adding blankets to our beds and wearing warmer clothes such as sweaters, jackets, and scarfs. But what about our dogs? Many people think that just because a dog has hair or fur all over their bodies that they do not feel the cold. But this isn't necessarily true. Even though a dog has fur, many can still feel the chill of a cold winter day.

Certain breeds with thick undercoats such as the German Shepherd or Husky can deal with the cold much better than a dog with no undercoat such as the Maltese or Bichon. In addition to a canine with no undercoat, elderly dogs should also be protected from the cold, especially if they have arthritis or joint pain. Below are some tips to help you keep your pooch warm this winter.

The easiest thing you can do is invest in some dog clothing that will help protect your dog from the elements. People often laugh at the idea of a dog wearing clothes, but besides being cute, dog clothes are also a practical investment. A dog raincoat, for instance, will keep your dog from getting wet and cold when it's raining outside. For clear but very cold days a dog sweater or a dog coat can be used to keep your pooch warm. These come in fabrics such as fleece or neoprene and are very easy to fit. If it's not very cold, but you still want to add some protection to your pooch, a dog tee shirt is a good idea. These add some protection but are not as heavy as a sweater or coat.

Another thing you can do to help Fido keep warm this winter is to invest in a heated dog bed. These are especially good if your dog sleeps in an area where there is not a lot of warmth such as a garage or porch. These beds are also good for the elderly dog who suffers from arthritis. The warmth of these beds can help ease their joint pain which usually worsens during the colder months. These heated dog beds are very safe and come in all shapes and sizes. If you do not want to buy a heated bed, another idea is to just add a warm blanket to your dog's existing bed for added warmth.

By using any of the above ideas, your dog will be better equipped to deal with the cold of winter. But remember that all dogs are different. The most important thing is to know your dog. If you sense that your pooch is suffering from the cold, you're probably correct. Also, it's important to remember to remove any very heavy dog clothes once you are in a warm place so that they do not overheat. Basically, use common sense when it comes to keeping your pooch warm this winter and they will be safe as well as toasty.

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