All You Need to Know about Australian Kelpie Breed

The Australian Kelpie has its origin in Australia where they have been developed during the 1870s. These dogs are an exceptional breed renowned for their strong guarding and herding instincts. They are able to work poultry, goats, sheep, cattle, and reindeer. The Australian Kelpie is the most popular dog breed in Australia, and also very sacred in a few other countries as well. At this stage, there are nearly a hundred thousand Kelpies employed on the Australian continent. Although this is a relatively small breed, they are without limits. These dogs will also do extremely well in competitive obedience.


Australian Kelpies are a very solid, healthy, passionate and untiring working dog. These dogs are outstanding at herding, and they are also the most popular and successful working dogs. This breed will not do well in a house or apartment, as they have far too much energy, and they are also very work orientated. Australian Kelpies are an essential part of the Australian workforce because they are so trainable.

They are always ready to respond to the commands of their master, even if it's very far. They will get along well with children they have been raised with since puppyhood. This dog is a bit of a workaholic and will continue until they can't anymore. Kelpies make outstanding watchdogs, and they can also be trained as seeing-eye dogs. This is not a very aggressive breed, but they can be protective when needed.


Australian Kelpies should be brushed on an occasional basis, and they do not have very high grooming needs. Bathing should be done when really necessary and a mild shampoo should be used to prevent any damage to the coat and skin. Australian Kelpies are average shedding dogs. Dental hygiene is also very important for these dogs.


Australian Kelpies are very independent and highly intelligent dogs. It is important to socialize them from early on. This breed will not do well when training is conducted in a cruel or heavy-handed manner. The training environment should be firm, consistent and fair.

Health problems

In general, Australian Kelpies are very tough. They do however have a few medical conditions that potential owners should be aware of. They struggle with Progressive Retinal Atrophy that manifests as night blindness, Cryptorchidism, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation.

Exercise Needs

Very energetic, and workaholic, the Australian Kelpie demands a great deal of activity daily, preferably with a job to do. They are in need of intense daily exercises. They are busy-bodied and busy-minded breeds with high intelligence. Kelpies should not be left idle as they tend to become vicious when bored. In addition to this, ensure that these Kelpies are very well-stimulated, as they thrive on being able to do tasks.

Special needs

The most important need of the Australian Kelpie is exercise. If they're not on a farm working, owners need to ensure they have a fair amount of physical activity daily. When ill exercised and bored, it can become noisy, ill-behaved and destructive.

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