Fila Brasileiro Breed Information

The Fila Brasileiro is forbidden in a few countries, but it still has a history of fine behavior and pleasing obedience. Its ancestors go back to the 1400s and are related to the old English Mastiff. The Fila Brasileiro has been bred slowly over time, taking from other distinguished breeds in the course of developments. Some of these qualities take to the Bloodhound, The Rafeiros and the Bulldogs.

The Fila is enormously proud that doesn't need to be trained on how to protect its owner. This is all embedded in the Fila's way of doing. This is a daunting dog and will trust the people you trust. In spite of its potentially violent attitude in the company of strangers, this dog is brilliant with children and other small animals. The dog can be amazingly passive around those it trusts.

The Fila Brasileiro will need a great amount of grooming for their coats to remain in good condition. Their coats are smooth, can be brushed down without too much effort. A coarse hair brush can be used to groom the coat of these dogs, as this will produce the best results. A soft towel can also be used to wipe the hair down and this keeps the coat looking spotless and fresh. These dogs should also be bathed regularly with a good shampoo. The Fila is an average shedding breed. It is recommended that their ears should also be cleaned out to minimize ear infections.

This breed must be trained from puppyhood onwards in order for them to become submissive in social circumstances. If the Fila is not trained, they have a tendency to become overly hostile and potentially aggressive. These dogs will require firm and level-headed trainers. It is important that the trainers are in control of the training sessions at all times. The Fila is a very courageous dog that is never afraid to step into the firing line. They are an excellent choice for a guard dog. No matter how good these dogs have been trained, they should never be allowed to walk around without a leash when not in the yard.

Health problems
Seeing that the Fila Brasileiro is one of the larger dog breeds in the world, they are rather likely to suffer from the illnesses the bigger dogs do. They often have problems with hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, and also at times gastric torsion and progressive retinal atrophy.

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