American Eskimo Dog Breed

The American Eskimo is a medium-size dog that is in the Nordic-type dog. It looks like a miniature Samoyed to some. There are three groups of American Eskimo, miniature, toy, and standard. This dog should have a wedge-shaped head, the head and muzzle being the same length. This dog has nice erect ears of a triangular shape. With a well-carried neck, the top line should be level. This dog has a lovely curly tail that is full and curls over the back. The dog should have an energetic trot that is not timid. 

Good legs and feet allow this to show. It is slightly longer than its height. They need to be over 9 inches in height and fewer than 19 inches if you wish to show the dog. The coat of this breed needs to have no curls or waves. The undercoat should be full and thick, while the outer coat needs to be harsher. The coat can only be these colors. While white in color, you can have cream or biscuit with white. The coat is big around the neck giving a mane or ruff. Black is the best color for the skin on the eyes, paws, gums, nose, and pads of their feet.

Breed History: This dog is one of the Spitz families of the Nordic breeds. They are clo0se to the German Spitz and when they came to America the name change to what we know today. This was due to the war wherein World War 1 bad feeling for all things German was high. They are now recognized as a separate breed. They are also said to be related to the American Inuit dog. They are famed throughout America for their ability to do tricks. This came about through the circus use of these dogs from around 1920 on. There are lots of stories about the origins of this dog, but it was first formed into an organisation of the North American Eskimo Dog in 1969.

Temperament: The American Eskimo dog is one of the best scorers in obedience trials. They are bight, with high intelligence. They are willing and keen to please. It has lots of affection and is wonderful with children. Quick to learn they are easy to train. They love to work so need mental stimulation. They need to be part of a family; here they need you to be the pack leader. Without this, they can become obsessive and wilful. You can get separation problems. Hyperactive and obsessive barking can arise if you do not give enough mental and physical exercise. If you get the balance right you can have a wonderful family dog that all will Adore.

Health issues: Weight gain can happen with the American Eskimo dog breed so keep a close eye on their weight and exercise regularly. They are predisposed to hip dysplasia. Eyes need to be well looked after as this breed can get progressive retinal atrophy. They can have an allergy to fleas.

Living conditions: The American Eskimo dog is suited to house or apartment living providing you give the right amount of exercise. Even then it is an active dog in the home. A garden that is safe will be greatly appreciated by this dog, but they will still love to have walked out of the home to meet all their needs.

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