Facts About American Most Popular Dog Breed

Labrador Retriever, the American most popular breed are known for their gentle and loving behaviour and all the information on Labrador Retrievers will reiterate the fact that they are a wonderfully calm dog. They are trained to be therapy dogs, aid dogs, hunting dogs, and guard dogs. They also carry out screening and detection work for police force and other official agencies.

There are two types of Labrador Retrievers: English Labrador and American Labrador. The English Labrador has a thick and stocky body while the American Labrador is lean and lankier. They both have muscular built.

How can you identify a Labrador Retriever?

•Registered in only three colors: ink black, creamy yellow, and chocolate brown. Although some are silver, or in other words, pure-bred labradors, they are known to be quite rare today.
• Broad head
•Slightly defined eyebrows
•Kind and expressive medium-sized eyes perfectly set apart
•Thick nose, black on black and yellow ones, and brown on brown ones
 •Ears hang closely to the head and somewhat set above the eyes
• Strong jaws hanging slightly and curving back.
•Medium length muzzle •Stands 57 to 62 cm if male; 55 to 60 cm if female
•Weighs 29 to 36 kg if male; 25 to 32 kg if female
•Coated short and dense, but not wiry; also a little bit dry, oily and water-resistant so they don't get easily cold in water

How do you bring out the best in a Labrador Retriever?
The Lab is a loving, loyal, affectionate, patient breed and these attributes to a great family dog. You can train a Lab easily and he can be reserved or friendly with strangers, depending on how exposed to other people he was as a puppy. Labs need to be led by their owners. While younger, it's best to find time to train a Lab as it grow up to be a very strong dog. Let your Labrador do stuff, like a job or anything at all because it craves work. Also make sure he feels part of the family. Take him on a daily walk, jog or alongside you when you bike.

In case you were wondering where the Labs really came from

The Labrador Retrievers used to be called St. John's Dogs, a native of Newfoundland. It's one of the most well-known breeds in the United States where they worked with fishermen. At a later time, some of them were brought to England by English ships coming from Labrador. The breed was crossed with different types of retrievers to improve its natural propensity as a hunting dog.

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