How to Train Your Puppy to Behave Like a Guide Dog in a Short Time

Do you know you can practically train any dog to behave like a guide dog in a short time? All you need to know is the secrets to good dog training. It is really easy. I have succeeded in training regular dogs that I have found in the pound, on the side of the road, and other random dogs to behave as service animals.

It is true. Dogs want to behave properly. Most dogs like to work and they will do anything for you. The trick is getting them to know what you want them to do. Once you learn how to teach the dog, you can teach them anything!

Dog Training Using Service Animal Techniques 

Guide dogs, along with all other service animals, all work because they want to work. They do it because they want to please their owner. They know exactly what is expected and they do it. In addition, they are ALWAYS working. People do not realize that secret.

Service animals expend a lot of energy in short bursts and relax for 8 to 10 hours while their owners are working. Your pet can do the same thing. Give your pet a job and they will begin to behave the same as a service animal.

Dog Jobs 

Now, different breeds were designed to do different jobs. Maximize your dog's breed and match it to that job. For example, golden retrievers love to search. That is why they are such good guide dogs. Make them go on a search. It can be for a toy hidden in a box or a child hiding in the yard.

Dogs Can Learn 

Of course, for your dog to do a job, the dog will have to learn a job. Teaching your dog to learn is the key to a good dog. There are so many theories on this but I like positive teaching. Look at service animals. Service animals behave well on a consistent basis. Why? Because they want to please the owner. You cannot have a service animal guiding someone out of fear. It has to be from love. You can make your dog to work out of love.

Positive Dog Training 

Positive reinforcement is the key to learning. Always praise good behavior and try to avoid situations that could cause bad behavior. You can start with rewarding your dog when it look at you. When you call the dogs name, give him a reward and work from there. You can make the dog associate its name with good things. I never use their name in a bad situation. If they do wrong, I just say "NO!" I never use my dog name with punishment.

Knowing you can teach any dog to behave is half the battle. The other half is training yourself. Many times the reason your dog is not behaving right is that the dog does not know what you want. Learn how to communicate with your dog and you will have awesome results.

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