What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Commercial Dog Food

Recently, Federal health officials have identified 16 dog food brands that may be linked to a mysterious rise in canine heart disease. And it seems that the public is starting to wake up to the fact that commercial dog food is not quite the healthy and nutritionally sound pet food product that we thought it was. Thanks to heavy commercialization and big advertising budgets, pet food companies have become a booming business for hundreds of thousands of busy dog owners like you and me.

In the old days, dog owners would just scrape off their dinner leftovers right into the food dish. Today, however, through some subconscious way of programming, most people recommend pet food from a can or plastic bag rather than homemade chicken and biscuits. In fact, many of these pet owners that would solicit such advice are without a hint about the major food warnings that have been surfacing lately.

Waking Up To the Truth

Even during the current wake of information regarding how terrible most commercial dog food can be for our pets, you will still run into people who will recommend pet food over hamburger meat for your pet.

How is it possible that such ignorance still runs throughout the minds of so many pet owners? Have they not heard the truth about all of the diseases and other physical ailments that pet food is causing our pets to suffer with? Have these people not heard about the dog food warnings on the news?

In case you have missed the latest research on pet food problems and illnesses, the following should be an alarming wake-up call. Here is just a brief list of the types of sicknesses that our pets are suffering through from eating so-called "healthy pet food"

1. Chronic ear infections
2. Heart Disease(s)
3. Bladder inflammation (cystitis)
4. Food intolerance
5. Feline hyperthyroidism
6. Kidney stones
7. Bloating
8. Canine Mammary Cancer
9. Inflammatory bowel disease
10. Skin disease(s)
11. Obesity

What Is In Commercial Dog Food That Causes Such Problems?

If you are wondering what exactly is in commercial dog food that makes our pets sick. The truth is that your trust has been taken advantage of and due to commercialism; your choice in pet food has been misled. Between processing, pesticides, and ingredients containing chemicals and other by-products, most food sold in stores are dangerous to your pet's health. And worse yet, there are no laws forcing these companies to put these food warnings on labels.

For example, did you realize that much of the "meat" that is used as the main ingredient in pet food comes from sick animals that have been loaded with antibiotics and pesticides? Such toxic meats are processed, packaged, and sold in stores that may still contain drugs such as penicillin and other antibiotics. These drugs and chemicals remain unchanged through the processing of the meat and thus become digested by your dog.

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