Dog Begging and How to Stop it

It is Saturday night and you are expecting your friends for dinner. The house is extra clean, the table looks gorgeous, and chocolate chips cookies smell delicious. Everyone sits at the table starts eating, and then your dog joins the family and helps himself to some of the food. How embarrassing?

However, dog begging doesn't need to be excessive in order to be undesirable behavior. He may look at you while you eat, and his eyes will take on an innocence look that you are unable to resist. So give in to the guilt trip and provide your him with a treat or portion of our meal. At first, it's cute but then it becomes downright annoying. Your dog sees this as acceptable behavior and will it continue to repeat it again and again.

If you ignore his request it may escalate to crying, barking, and jumping just to get your attention. Once you give in (even just for one time) your dog won't understand why you are no longer letting him participate at the dinner table and will whine and beg to get your attention. To avoid this problem, never give in and make sure all family members and guest are aware of your rules.

Another reason not to give in to a begging dog is that human food can be harmful to them. Fatty foods may taste delicious to your dog but it can be toxic for him. In the long term, it can become an expensive health problem for you and painful for your dog.

Stop Dog Begging
If you are guilty of giving in and sharing meals with your dog don't worry you can still correct these bad habits. It will require willpower, patience, and consistency from your side. To stop your dog from begging and whining use the following re-training ideas:

1. Ignore Your Dog
Regardless, of your dog's behavior do not communicate with your dog during meal times. Also, do not give any food from the table during or after each meal.

2. Relocate Your Dog
Keep him in another room away from the dinner table. Use the "sit down" command because your dog will not be able to beg for food while in an obeying mode.

3. Eat before Your Dog
Prepare and feed your dog's meal after you eat. Let him watch you eat from a distance, or from another room, or from the dog crate. This will enforce the fact that your dog is below you in the hierarchy pack.

4. Have your dog exercise
To decrease the levels of begging or whining take your dog for a walk before each meal.

5. Tell your guests
Tell your visitors that you are training your dog and no food should be provided to your dog. Place your dog in his crate until visitors leave.

The key to stopping a stubborn behavior such as dog begging or whining is consistency. Just giving in once can revert all the previous training and require you to start your training again.

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