All You Need to Know About Black Russian Terrier

This is a rare breed of dog with a robust and strong build. More than a medium-sized breed, they are powerful, alert, and stable, weighing between 80-145 pounds and are 25-30 inches tall. Bred solely as police and guard dogs, this dog initially served the Russian military. Some of the dogs used for the breeding of the Black Russian Terrier included the Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Airedale breeds, and the Russian Water-Dog. These dogs were bred to withstand extreme weather conditions and to work alone. 

The Russian Army needed a dog that could be used for very specific tasks such as the guarding of military installations, border troops, prison camps, and police forces. The background of these dogs adds to their distrustful and dominant nature. This also makes the Black Russian Terrier very protective of their owners and makes them brilliant watchdogs.

Temperament: This is a breed that is very courageous and alert. They are wary of strangers, and they have a very strong defensive nature which will show up at about two and a half years of age. Puppies should be handled in a firm manner to direct them in the right direction. Puppies are responsive, good-matured, and very quick to learn. They are curious and will get involved in all sorts of things. When they reach adulthood, they are still very excited about children and love to play with them. The males are very fond of children, but the females are more likely to play with them. This is a dog that will seek strong contact with humans and animals. 

These little dogs have a strong and fair temperament. They stay away from aggressiveness with other dogs, but the males cannot live with other dominant dogs. They can however live with non-dominant or smaller dogs. The Black Russian Terrier is very easy to housebreak and will accept the leash without training. These dogs are always ready to protect their families and are quick to react.

Training: Black Russian Terriers enjoy their training seeing that they love to please their master. This dog will only bark when it is really necessary. Black Russian Terriers take a long time to mature, but when trained in the correct way they will not struggle with dominance. It is easy to have these dogs in the house, and they take little care. It is not ideal to have them in a kennel outside of the house as they will get too little attention and stimulation. The best virtues of this dog will be put on display if they stay in close contact with the family.

Grooming: The Black Russian Terrier has a coat that is weatherproof, that has hard, wavy, and wiry hair. These dogs also have eyebrows and beards, and their undercoats are well developed and tight. They should be trimmed on a regular basis 2-3 times during the year, and professional grooming is essential for this breed. If the coat is soft, it should be stripped - but only then. The Black Russian Terrier should only be brushed once during the week, and excessive hair should also be removed from their ears and paws. These dogs shed very little hair, especially if brushed regularly.

Health problems: This dog tends to have health issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia, inflammation of the outer ear canal, and also the deterioration of the retina which can lead to progressive vision loss.

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