Why Rawhide Dog Chew is Good for Your Dog

Rawhide is the most welcome treat for any dog . It has been acclaimed as the number one choice for varied reasons. No one can deny the importance of rawhide for dogs. Introduced in the 50's, rawhide were immediately acknowledged as a natural chew treat for your beloved canines. It has been proven to benefit both their dental health and satisfy their need to chew.

Rawhide is taken from the inner hide layer of large cleft-hoofed bovine livestock. Its quality depends upon the animal source and the country of origin. Animal hides are made up of two layers; the outer layer is tough which are manufactured into leather shoes, garments and upholstery and the inner layer is soft which are cut into different shapes and sizes for dog chews.

Animal hides become flexible because of collagen which is the protein contained in the cartilage, bones and teeth. This collagen in animal hide becomes stiff when it dried, it. American rawhide is oven-dried to a consistency that softens when chewed.

Rawhide is not food for it contains very low fat and few calories and it is not intended to replace the dog's daily intake. Let your dog chew the rawhide bone for as long as it is hard enough but when it becomes soft, take it away and return to your dog when it hardens again. When the bone is chewed into small pieces, throw it away; dogs might choke on the small parts or endanger their digestive tract.

Benefits of rawhide for dogs:

1. Rawhide improves dental health by helping scrape away plaque, controlling tartar build up and maintaining healthy gums. It controls bad breathe, keeps teeth white and reduces the risk of potential gum problems.

2. Dog chew provides stimulating activities by entertaining your dog for hours and keeping its mind stimulated; especially helpful for old inactive dogs.

3. Rawhide bones satisfies dog's inborn desire to chew, helping you overcome destructive chewing behavior of both puppies and adult dogs.

4. Rawhide bone minimizes your puppies teething pain and stimulates growth of adult teeth.

You should know how to choose the proper kind of rawhide bones. It is safest to buy one made in the Unites States or overseas which is in accordance with the highest USDA specification. Select one that matches your dog's chewing rate and habit. Take into consideration, its size, shape, hardness and flavor. Some dogs prefer small bones and others like big ones. Aggressive dogs choose pressed rawhide bones which are compressed, harder and last longer. Try various flavors and give your dog the flavor of its choice.

Remember that almost all dog chews are enjoyed by our furry friends. Find the best type of rawhide bones that they prefer. You just keep your dog chewing which is great for removing plaque and relieving boredom. These are the reasons for the importance of rawhide bones for dogs.

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