5 Important Dog Toilet Training Tips

When you are thinking about getting a new puppy you are probably imagining that cute little bundle of fur with big brown eyes and all the happy times you will have together. But before you get too carried away and rush out to get your new puppy, you should first work out a puppy toilet training plan. The following are 5 essential puppy toilet training tips for you to bear in mind.

1. Use Positive Reinforcement For Best Results: As stated above, never shout at your puppy when he makes mistakes and certainly never smack your puppy or rub his nose in it. This will only make for a nervous dog and will result in a bad relationship between you and your puppy. Instead, have lots of patience with your puppy and praise and reward him for getting things right. This will lead to a close bond between you and your puppy and he will do his best to please you.
Puppy toilet training does take a lot of time, effort and patience but it will be well worth it in the end. Soon your puppy will grow up to be a dog you will be proud to own.

2. Always Look For The Signs: If your puppy starts sniffing the floor and going round in circles it is a good sign he wants to go to the toilet. Take him outside straightaway and praise him when he does his business. Never shout at your puppy or scold him when he has an accident. If you catch him in the act, just say a firm no and pick him up and take him outside. Never scold him after the event as your puppy will not realize what he has done wrong.

3. Designate A Toilet Area For Your Puppy:  If you have a garden or backyard, you should designate a spot for your puppy to do his business.If possible chose a secluded spot so your puppy can be a bit private and feel safe. Dogs are like humans and like to be private when going to the toilet. Always take your puppy to the same spot in the garden or backyard and in time he will learn that is the place for him to do his business and will go there automatically. This is especially important if you have children as you do not want your puppy to mess all over the garden.

4. Puppies Have Weak Bladders: Until they are about six months old puppies have weak bladders and they will need to go to the toilet a lot, so be prepared for some accidents. If your puppy does accidentally leave a puddle (or worse) on your carpet, always clean it up immediately with suitable cleaning fluid to get rid of the smell. If the smell lingers your puppy will tend to think that's their toilet and to go there again.

5. Anticipate Your Puppy's Needs:  Plan your puppy toilet training around his needs. Your puppy will need to go to the toilet about 20 minutes after eating his dinner. So take him outside around 20 minutes after he has finished eating and praise him when he goes. He will also need to be taken outside straightaway after waking up in the morning. Puppies also need to go to the toilet after running around and getting excited, they are just like little children in this respect.

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