How to Eliminate Pet Odor in Your Home

Most dog owners think they are fighting a losing battle when trying to eliminate pet odors from their home, especially in their carpets. You should understand that you do not need to go to extraordinary measures such as cleaning your carpets every day in order to keep out the pet odor. For most dog owners, making just a couple of changes to the way they handle their pets and their carpets is all that is needed to avoid any future problems.

Understand that controlling pet odors requires vigilance and you need to be consistent. It is a constant battle, but it is one that you can win if you follow tried and tested methods.

The first step, which is rather obvious, is to keep your pet away from the carpet. However, considering that most people have several rooms of carpeting this is not something that is easy or practical to do. It is extremely important that you do take some time to at least limit the amount of time your pet is in the areas with carpet if possible. Baby gates or pet gates are very effective tools to keep your pet confined to a specific area in your home. If you are concerned as to whether a pet gate will work, you need to observe your pet when he thinks you aren't watching to see if he can get around or over the gate. Most small dogs are unable to get over a gate, but if your pup is a climber he just may be able to.

You also need to be sure to vacuum your carpet regularly to keep the pet hair up. Also, make sure to empty the vacuum often so it is most effective. If you rarely vacuum, you will find that the pet hair and smell build up rather quickly. A daily vacuum is probably best, or at least twice a week minimum. This can depend on how much your dog sheds also. A quick daily vacuum will help a great deal in keeping pet odors down and will also help with excessive pet hair.

Another helpful tip is to not allow your dog onto the upholstery, bed or carpet when they are wet. Whether it is from a bath, playing out in the rain, rolling in the wet grass or swimming, this will help spread odors rather quickly. The smells that a wet dog tends to emit are generally not considered pleasant. Always thoroughly dry your pet with a towel before allowing them back onto the upholstery, bedding or carpet. By doing this you will keep your furniture and carpet much cleaner since most wet dogs love to roll around on the bed, sofa, and carpet to dry themselves off. This only takes a couple of minutes but can save you a lot of time and hassle when trying to remove the pet odors.

You should also look for special sealing cleaners for your carpets. This allows you to quickly and easily remove all traces of the odors as they occur because of the protective layer that helps prevent the odors from penetrating the carpet. This is also helpful for accidental spills that you or your family might make. This will significantly speed up the cleaning process so you have more time to enjoy your pet.

Another huge consideration is whether your pet is house trained. If not, then this is going to be your biggest concern. You will continue to have a serious odor problem until this is resolved. Some of the best advice you can get is to put you and your dog on a regular schedule. This means taking the family pet outside faithfully on a set schedule, this will help them regulate their own internal schedule. If you find this impossible then you need to create a special place in your home where your pet can relieve themselves without creating a huge odor throughout your home. A corner of the bathroom makes a great place.

The last step is to invest in a good odor controlling device that can offset the unnoticed accidents that WILL occur from keeping a pet. As you already know, air fresheners and scented candles are a quick, easy, and cheap solution to masking all types of odors, but the effects are only temporary. A more practical and more effective solution that I highly recommend is investing in Pet Genie Pet Waste Disposal Pail a simple solution that actually ELIMINATES odors. With the Pet Genie Pet Waste Disposal Pail, you will never worry about pet waste odors again .

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