Tips to Help Your Dog Joint Health

If your dog's joint health seems to be compromised, perhaps arthritis is setting in. There is no time like right now to jump in and start helping your dog out! There are five incredible gifts you can give your dog that can dramatically ease his or her pain while providing much-needed flexibility and lubrication.

i.    Avoid medication; embrace natural supplementation. Find a homeopathic solution that will ease your dog's pain while lubricating the joint(s), promoting flexibility, and enhancing your dog's own healing process.

ii.    Give your dog a bit of acupressure. Firmly squeeze your dog's akeela's heel (nearest the affected joint) using your thumb and middle finger. Do this for 30 to 60 minutes. Your dog will absolutely bliss out!

iii.    Exercise your dog. It may seem a little counter-intuitive to work a sore joint, but this will keep it lubricated. We don't need rigorous activity. A nice walk or easy jog will suffice. This is also highly beneficial in that it keeps your dog's weight down. Nothing is worse for your dog's joints than carrying extra pounds around.

iv.    Massage your dog. By laying your dog down and massaging the muscles around the joint (never ON the joint), you will be relieving a lot of tension pain. About a minute or two, twice daily, will make a huge difference. After each massage, keep your dog lying down and do the following...

v.    Feed your dog right! A diet high in glucosamine is essential for keeping your dog's joint health at a high level. You can find specialty dog foods at your local pet store that are full of glucosamine. They will generally be labeled as "joint health formula," or something similar. This kind of food is a bit more expensive, but can actually save you a hefty vet bill down the road. Your dog will thank you for this!

When you give your dog these five kind-hearted gifts, you will not only work miracles on your dog's joint health but will continue to enjoy a great friendship with your canine pal for months and years to come.

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