Basic Flea Removing Method in Dog

Every dog owners know that it's about that time again when your dog will start experience excessive itching from fleas. This always happens when warm weather rolls around because that is the time when flea populations skyrocket. Fleas are known to leave your dog with pesky bites, anaemia, skin irritation or even tapeworms. Don’t worry, you can easily find products at your local store or veterinary clinic that help pet owners fight back against fleas. The following are some Products you can use...

Shampoos and Dips: Most help fight off adult fleas. Shampoos generally offer no flea-killing ability after 24 hours. Dips may kill fleas for several days but can contain harmful chemicals. Because of this, I recommend using a mild shampoo and letting a groomer or veterinary clinic handle dips only.

Collars:  Made with insecticides to kill adult fleas or insect growth regulators (IGR) which prevent flea eggs from hatching. You can't rely solely on a collar though, as it won't be enough to control fleas.

Combs: Using a comb is recommended on puppies since their skin may not react well to chemicals and they are still too young.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Spot-Ons: This is a liquid insecticide that is squeezed onto the skin of your dog and kills adult fleas for up to one month. You can even find Spot-on products that contain IGR.

Powders: Most have insecticides that kill adult fleas, but they tend to get messy with the powder ending up on your carpet or floors.

Sprays and Foams: Sprays and foams contain insecticides, and may also have an IGR. These products work great but you will be instructed to use them frequently.

The Following Are Products Handled By Vets

 Veterinary Spot-Ons: Overall, this is the best option out there. It is used once a month or if using Frontline, you can expect to use it every 1-3 months. It will kill all adult fleas without even using old-fashioned insecticides.

The only disadvantage of this method is the cost, which you can be surprised to find out that is five times higher than an over the counter product. Although of the price, for me and my pets is has been the safest and most effective product out on the market.

Program: This product is given once a month, orally, every six months. It will help eggs from fleas from hatching or develop but the only downfall from programs is that they don't kill existing adult fleas.

Revolution: This product has recently come out. Revolution is a prescription spot-on product for canines. It will kill eggs and adult fleas as well as worms and mites.

Controlling fleas comes down to how well you control your environment. Make sure to clean everything your dog touches regularly. This will prevent fleas from surviving somewhere else besides on your pet. It is also important to try different products to find the ones that work best for you and your dog. Keep in mind to read all directions on the products you buy carefully and consult your veterinarian for recommendations.

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