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When your dog is missing, it can be a stressful experience for you and your dog. If this happens to you, there are some tips to help you find your dog. Time is of the utmost importance.

1. Search your environs: Ask the neighborhood children if they see your lost dog with someone other than your family on the day of its disappearance. Ride your bike or drive in the neighborhood and call the name of your dogs. Do not be embarrassed what others may think about you shouting your dog's name. It is important to find your dog.

2. Ask everyone: ask your mailman, paperboy, the kids and their parents or any delivery person that may have come around that day, if they see your dog. Also, ask if anyone see any strangers or cars that do not belong to the neighborhood.

3. Offer a small reward: inform the neighborhood children that there is a small reward offered to whoever finds your dog. That way there will be others there keeping their eyes open for your dog.

4. Take with you your dog favorite squeeze toy:
if your dog has a favorite toy that has a "squeaker" in it, squeaks it now and then while looking for your dog. He may be able to hear it and it will come to you.

5. Print up flyers: that night, if you cannot find your dog, print up flyers with information and picture of your dog if possible, or a simple written description of your dog along with your phone number and start to distribute them out. If you have a picture of your dog, show everyone who you give the flyer to.

6. Place a "Lost Dog" advertisement in the newspaper: place leaflets in the veterinarian's office, grocery stores, pet stores, and place an ad in the local newspapers under the heading "Lost Dog." Never give your full name and address, just your phone number. Describe the dog, but leave out an identification feature and ask the person who said they have found your dog to describe it. If you are offering a reward, do not mention how much it is in your advert.

7. Beware of pet recovery scams: When someone calls claiming to have your dog, ask him to describe your dog. If it does not include the identifying feature you left out in your ad, he may not really have your dog. Be suspicious of someone asking for the reward in advance or money for gas, so they can bring back your dog.

8. Visit and/or call your local animal shelter: Contract your local animal shelter and any shelter 50 miles from your home and report the lost pet. If possible, visit the shelters every day. They may have your dog and not recognize it, so you will not be informed that your dog has been picked up or turned in. Find out how long the animals have been. You do not want your dog to be euthanized or to be adopted out before you can get him. If you think your dog has been stolen, inform the local police department.

9. Contact the local and state transportation department.
Keep in touch with your road crews for your local or state transportation department to see if your dog was killed or was injured on the road. This is a sad but necessary task. In some areas, the Animal Control also removes any dead animal from the roads. Know the agencies that do this service in your area. This way you'll know, and can call off the search.

9 Tips on How to Find your Lost Dog.

Perhaps the bad memory of being bitten by the neighbor's dog as a child is having a terrible effect on your entire family. Your spouse and kids want a dog. Maybe the children have already begged you to adopt a dog similar to the one they met at the shelter. You have intellectualized this and know that your fear of dogs is not fair to prevent your children from knowing the love of a dog. You cannot continue postponing the decision on whether to let a family dream come true, so you come to a decision that you have to overcome his fear of dogs, which is also known as cynophobia. It is easier said than done, but with little work and many baby steps, you can reach your goal of overcoming your fear of dogs.

Watch an adult dog:  If there is a dog park in your neighborhood, spend time watching the dogs play. You do not really need to go to the park. You can sit in your car and watch the dogs. After doing this for a few days, get out of your car and go somewhere to watch the dogs. Do not go to the dog play area or walk up to the fence. Your goal is simply to enjoy being in the same general area as dogs without putting yourself in any frightening situations. As time goes by, get closer to the area where the dogs play.

Meet an adult dog: If you see the same dog owner returning to the park on several occasions, explain your phobia and see if meeting his or her dog. Make sure it's the dog you noticed not to be a jumper and who shows signs of being well trained. Be sure to take it slow and ask the owner to keep the dog on the leash. For the first few encounters, you should not even try to touch the dog. Try to have a normal conversation with the dog owner while the dog is near you. Once you feel comfortable with the dog, reach out and let the dog sniff the back of your hand. When the dog feels comfortable with you, try to pet its back. Be sure to follow the owner's instructions and dog signs regarding what you should do. If the dog allows it, rub the chest area. This is a calming sign for dogs.

Find a Canine Good citizen:  Many dog trainers know dogs in the area that meet the criteria that are considered Canine good citizen. These are dogs that have been trained to face all kinds of situations. Canine Good citizen dogs follow orders under any imaginable circumstance. If you simply cannot meet an adult dog in a dog park, contact the dog trainer in your area and ask if he or she know any Canine Good Citizens. You may have to leave your name and phone number with the trainer so you he or she can give it to the family of the Canine Good Citizen. When the family calls, explain your phobia and talk to them if their dog is a good candidate to help you overcome your fear.

When everything else fails: Then finally, if you cannot overcome cynophobia using the above techniques, you may need a professional help. A behavioral therapist can help you overcome your fear of dogs so that your family can get your new best friend!

How to Overcoming Your Fear of Dogs

If you plan to give your dog bone treats this year, you may want to think twice about it, after a warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that many dogs became sick or died from dog bone treats.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received approximately 68 reports of dogs diseases related to “bone treat" treats that are produced and packaged for sale as dog treats. This treats such as pork femur bones, ham bones, ribs bones and smokey knuckles bones, were listed in the reports.

"Giving a bone treat to your dog can lead to a sudden trip to your veterinarian, a likely emergency surgery or even the death of your beloved pet,” accords to Carmela Stamper, a veterinarian in the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA.

Some of the diseases reported by veterinarians and dog owners comprise of choking, vomiting, gastrointestinal obstruction, cuts, and wounds in the mouth or on the tonsils, diarrhea, bleeding from the rectum and/or death.

About 90 dogs are those reported to be involved; with 15 reportedly dead after eating the bone treat. Some reports include more than one dog.

The FDA says pet owners should avoid giving their dogs chicken bones or other bones from the kitchen table and be cautious not to throw them into the trash can, as dogs are notorious for helping themselves to the turkeys or steak bones put in the trash can.

To read more about this report, visit the FDA's website.

FDA Warns Dog Owners about Processed bone treats

Meghan Markle has made a heartbreaking decision to leave behind one of her beloved dogs after moving to the UK to start her new life with fiancé Prince Harry.

The American actress has two rescue dogs, Beagle, Guy, and Labrador-Shepherd cross Bogart, who she would keep in touch via FaceTime during her long stints away.

Kensington Palace said Guy has arrived in the UK and has a legal permit to stay here, but Bogart has been left behind.

It has prompted speculation from fans on social media that Bogart may have been left behind because he is "too big or too old" to travel to the UK.

"Bogart now lives with a friend," said the Prince Communications Secretary Prince Jason Knauf.

And the palace refused to speculate on why Bogart was not brought to the UK, adding that the decision "would have a lot of complexity to it" and emphasized that Miss Markel" is still "fond of her dogs".

To come to the United Kingdom, Guy had to undergo a series of vaccines and blood tests, in addition to being the microchip.

According to Miss Merkel while narrating it yesterday in their first interview following their engagement,  she told the BBC’s Mishal Husain 'I have two dogs that I’ve had for quite a long time, both my rescue.

"And one of the dogs is now staying with close friends and my other little guy is, yes, he's in the UK and he's been here for a while ... I think he's doing fine."

Ms. Merkel said that the pair meant the absolute world to her, referring to them as "my love" and "my boys.”

Guy and Bogart often appeared on her Instagram account, with Guy appearing in a patriotic knitted union flag jumper.
The couple plans to marry in May at St. George's Church, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace has announced.

The American actress, who will become a first-class girl senior HRH on marrying into the royal family, also plans to become a British citizen.

As the couple prepares for their big day, Ms. Markel, a Protestant who attended a Catholic high school, will be baptized and confirmed, ready for the religious ceremonies.

Meghan Markle forced to leave her dog back in Canada

Quaker, a 3-year-old German shepherd, used to go to the library with her owner, Greg Quinn. Both live in Westport, New Zealand, and frequented in the city library on their outing, ever since she was a puppy, with a fiery complaint. As Quinn told New Zealand Radio News, she grew up in a very calm and happy environment as Quinn read the daily newspaper and National Geographic, with Quaker often being lulled peacefully listening to the kids read.

That all came to an end, however, as Quakers grow  bigger than a puppy, someone recorded a complaint with the local animals control about a German shepherd hanging out at the public library, although there was no official policy about dogs in the library and other visitors were often seen with smaller dogs in baskets and carriers. "Our cover was blown, and I was very upset, just like the others," Quinn said.

As dear as Quaker was, it seems the library staff decided to respond to the problem and came up with the idea of adopting a service where children could read to dogs. The library officially invited Quaker to be part of the service, with the approval of the local animal control, giving her official library status. Quacker’s newfound status was not just a case of doggy nepotism. She had to pass a series of tests to qualify, including going under observation to make sure she was safe with the children.

There are several reading-to-dog services in operation around the world, including in the United States. An example of this is the Humane Society of Missouri’s Shelter Buddies program, where young volunteers between 6 and 15 years old can read to dogs, brushing up on their literary skills and learning how to read the dog's body language, among other skills; and the dogs get invaluable attention and socialization, and find potential owners. According to New York Therapy Animals, there are "4,500 therapy animal teams and affiliated organizations in all 50 states and in 15 different countries." So it seems like Quaker and his friends are in great company.

After the cute dog was banned from the local library, staff thought up an Amazing way to 'hire' her

Responsible dog owners are conscious of the most important and common laws regarding animals in their area. They also know the convention and tend to make an effort not to let their dog get into anyone else’s way. But some municipal, state and federal laws really take the cake when it comes to deciding what is and is not appropriate and acceptable behavior in relation to dogs.

In Turin, Italy, all dog owners take their dog-walking responsibility seriously, because if they do not, they will have to pay a fine. So, if you don’t want to pay some serious cash, you'd better take your dog out at least three times a day, every day, regardless of breed.

In another place, the one-child policy is also in effect for dogs. In Shanghai, China, no one can have more than one dog as a pet at a time. For this reason, all puppies born to your dog must be given away from the age of three months, and of course, the new owner can’t already have a dog of his own. Kubla Khan would not do well under this law because he purportedly owned about five thousand mastiffs.

In Oklahoma, USA, There's no way you can get away with teasing a dog. In fact, you will be arrested for making "ugly faces" at a dog. There is a similar rule in a place called Normal, Illinois. Here you better treat those animals with real respect!

Here is one of the pacifists of the world. In all of North Carolina State, dogs and cats are not allowed to fight. It's illegal. I'm not sure of the punishment. Maybe Prison time or something.

Owners of sick dogs should take note that in London, England, it is not allowed to carry a rabid dog in a taxi. So, if you were planning on going to your veterinarian by taxi, you'd better think again.

In Boulder, Colorado, you cannot have an animal as a pet. You can keep a dog in your house as a pet, but you do not have it legally. You are the "pet minder ", not the owner.

People who go to bed early and enjoy their evening and night-time peace and quiet should move to Little Rock, Arkansas, where it is illegal for a dog to bark after six o'clock. Better break out the muzzles and sedatives.

Freedom of assembly does not seem to apply to dogs in Oklahoma, even if the state does not respect their emotional sensitivity, as mentioned above. At least, on private property, more than two dogs cannot gather together without a permit signed by the mayor.

Dogs that live in Ohio have even more to be afraid of. Their constitutional rights are not only ignored, but police officers can even bite a dog that is being loud in order to make it stop. I wonder how many police officers have tried that and how effective it was.

Other animals certainly have their fair share of weird laws, but dogs seems to be the most affected. Maybe it’s because they have shared the lives of humans for as long as humans have domesticated animals. Or maybe it's just because they are so prevalent as pets these days, so they stay in people's minds. In any case, this type of legislation will undoubtedly keep dog owners on their toes when traveling from one place to another. It may be good to check up on local restrictions because you do not want to end up in jail for looking at a dog the wrong way.

Bizarre Dog Laws

When Steve Greg lost his beloved dog Wolfgang four years ago, he started taking in old pets that needed more love and care. It won him a great online follower and inspired others to do the same. Steve Greg cannot stop adopting senior dogs into his home in downtown Denver. With 8 large dogs, 2 ducks, 4 Chickens, a rabbit and a pig, this guy gives old MacDonald a run for his money.

Despite all the full house, Greg explained that he started with a dog, Wolfgang. After the dog died, Greg hopes to adopt a dog in an age Wolfgang never reached will help honor his memory. Some dogs came to him by chance, as if it were destiny, Greg also discovered that his house was dedicated as an exception to the local pet maximum.

This Man Opens His Home to Senior Animals (Video)

The dog appears to be fascinated by the artwork, as she quietly sits taking it in. The work is of two boats in the water and is oil on canvas painting. Julia posted a video on Instagram of her Golden Retriever watching the work, with great intensity.

She wrote: Toward the end, I swear she is meditation. The dog like her boats and fans of Julia work quickly became fans of her dog looking at her work. Someone said: My God, this dog cracks me up! Beautiful painting too. No wonder she likes it. Another added: Cute dog admiring an amazing painting! It is not the first time Julia has shared to Ella's reactions to her paintings.

Earlier this month, Ella said goodbye to paintings that have been purchased by art lover in San Francisco, who Julia said her dog had taken a shine to. She wrote: Saying goodbye to his happy painting ... headed to San Francisco, can’t wait to see what it looks like up on the wall!

The Golden Retriever is a regular feature on Julia's Instagram feed, where she shows off her and Ella's reactions, sometimes adding artistic glasses and scarf to her beloved pooch.

Julia works in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and her work is represented by an exhibition in Boston. He has Stanford and Yale degrees and his work has been used in the Mindy project, previously in Fox, and now in Hulu.

Cute dog is completely bowled over by his owner's artwork as she stares at painting in Zen-like state (Video)

There are many reasons why we call dog’s man's best friend. This video shows one of such reasons. An incredible video recording shows the moment a brave dog prevents a woman from being robbed on the street through by a thug. The video, which was recorded in Podgorica, Montenegro capital, a man in a yellow hoodie is seen following a woman on a residential street.

Meanwhile, a black dog assumed to be stray, watch carefully. The man grabs the woman from behind, causing her to fall to the ground, before trying to grab her handbag. The dog then jumps into action, running after and biting the man’s buttocks and legs. The would-be robber then deserts the theft and runs away while the dog pursues him.

The Podgorica Vremiplov video posted on their Facebook group page, a group of people living in Podgorica, has since gone viral, with more than 4000 likes on Facebook. The members of the group were full of appreciation for the dog, and many asked for a medal for the dog bravery.

A brave dog stops a woman from being robbed in the street by a thug (Video)

The winner of the National Dog Show looks like an adorable little Chewbacca among the winners on Thanksgiving Day: Newton, the Brussels Griffon. The furry little guy was crowned” Best in Show "at the National Dog Show, winning the toy group also known as a.k.a. lapdogs, before winning the six other group champion: Portuguese water dog,  an English springer spaniel, a whippet, a French Bulldog, an American Staffordshire terrier, and an Old English Sheepdog. Noah, a Portuguese water dog, finished second place.

The parade of the adorable dodginess, broadcast after the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, has become an annual tradition and rating of Bonanza for NBC, snagging more than 20 million viewers each year. The competition, organized by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, took place late last week, but the results were kept secret until today's broadcast.

Newton, officially known as GCH Somerset Wynzall Hashtag, competed against another 2000 dogs for the title. No big deal: the 3 years old, who one Twitter user described as Chewbacca look-like, has a 21 other "Best in show" award, but this is the first time that a Brussels Griffon has won the national dog show since the NBC sports began broadcasting it in 2002.

The Dog That Win National Dog Show looks like little Chewbacca

Dog Scootering is an activity which is gaining popularity throughout the United Kingdom: dogs love to run and what is the best way to allow them to; you may have seen someone in your local neighborhood whizzing past you on a scooter pulled by a dog or dogs. It is a great way to exercise and bond with your pets and suitable for almost any healthy and fit dog.

Dog Scootering is a sport where one or more dogs pull a human riding an unmotorised two-wheeled scooter. The human can help the dog along with scooting and together can cover a much wider area than by walking in the same time frame. This is a great way to exercise for both you and your dog. Obviously, the dog exercises by pulling the scooter and running, but people also get exercise, since they have to help the dog by pushing the scooter and, sometimes getting off and running with the scooter, especially up hills!

Most dogs take to scootering immediate and need little or no encouragement to run as fast as they can while going to new and exciting places. As the Scootering team gains more experience and confidence, you can visit new trails and travel further, and it can lead to a stronger bond between the owner and the dog.

Almost any type of dog can pull a scooter, from Huskies to the Great Danes and Schnauzers to Spaniels. The smaller the dog, the more you have to help out on hills and rough spots. All dogs, regardless of their size, must be slowly worked into fitness, together with their owners. Enjoy the video of a dog Scootering.

Dog Scootering (Video)

Dogs love Christmas time just like us. Whether you are taking your dog to see the festive Christmas lights or to park to go sledding, your dog will surely be happy to spend the holiday by your side. If you need a gift for your dog, then I have some ideas that may help.

If you are like me when Christmas morning gets here, I love having something special under the tree for my dogs as well as my child. Or maybe you're trying to decorate for Christmas with your dog in mind. Then again, maybe you're just trying to figure out as a nondog-person, what to get that special someone in your life who is a dogs lover. That's why I'm writing this article. I hope to make your life a little easier when doing your shopping for your dogs or their handlers. Below is a small list of things you can choose from.

Collars: Again, there is no shortage of brick and mortar stores online, where you can buy any type of dog collar you could imagine. So whether you're looking for diamond studded and rhinestone or camouflage, I'm sure you can find it.

 Dog Toys: Some dogs love toys, my dog loves her soft plush dog toys. My sister's previous dog loved to open her toys on Christmas morning. My present dog is not so much into the toys. Again, just an idea.

 Dog Beds and Throws: there are many different types and styles of dog beds out there. There are warming beds, orthopedic beds, small and large beds, raised beds. It really just comes down to the size of the dog and preference.

Dog shoes: these come in different sizes and colors, and I have had people living in colder climates who tell me they loved this for their dogs.

Dog Treats: if you are going to buy treats for your dogs or a dog for a loved one, first make sure that the dogs do not have any special dietary restrictions or intolerance to certain treats.

Pet Fountains: I love these, fresh water that you do not have to fill every day. This should make someone special in your life happier.

Automatic Dog Feeders: the same idea. It only saves you time.

 Dog grooming kits

Dog Stockings or Christmas Tree Ornaments: I always hang a special stocking with the names of my dogs on them for Christmas. Another smart idea is Christmas tree ornaments. There are many places where you can go and have your dog's name or picture put on an ornament with the year. This is an elegant Christmas gift idea for people who love their dogs.

These are just a few ideas for you. You can do an Internet research on any given day and probably come up with thousands of gift ideas for your dogs or for people who love their dogs.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

If there is a group of organizations that need support and applause, it is a dog rescue. Animal Aid has received an unlimited call to rescue a dog fighting for her life after falling into a deep pit. They believe the dog may have been swimming hours before one of the villagers saw her and called the helpline.

We received a call to save a dog fighting for her life after falling into a deep pit. She could have been swimming for hours before one of her villagers saw her and called our helpline. She was rapidly losing her strength and could barely keep a hold on the side of the pit. As seen in the video.

The rescuers quickly took the cute dog to remove her, making sure she wasn’t hurt ... and then gave her enough space to rest and lots of love and cuddles, which she accepted with eagerly. Without the kind rescuers, it is likely that the poor dog would have drowned. She seems to have realized that, and obviously is grateful to them for saving her life.

Animals rescue is beautiful for many reasons. It saves a precious someone and inspires communities to get active for animals, to say "no" to the abuse of animals and "yes" to shower them with love and care that each of them deserves. Watch the incredible rescue below.

A drowning dog's desperate wish comes true (Video)

 In France, a 10-year-old puppy was found buried alive and has been rescued and is recovering, thanks to a dog and his owner who happened to observe her head emerging from the ground. His former owner faces a prison sentence and a $30,000 fine.

Pedro Dinis was walking his dog in Carrieres-Sur-Seine, west of Paris. His dog began to behave strangely, and he noticed the Dogue de Bordeaux buried up to her head.

“Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see because of the amount of earth covering her," he posted on Facebook.

The dog was surrounded by rocks, which are believed to have been thrown on her after being buried. She was also tied to a large bag filled with gravel (to keep her from escaping). Dinis contacted the emergency services, who took the badly “traumatized and dehydrated “dog to the veterinarian.

The police found the dog owner, who denied his involvement in her abuse. He claimed that the dog ran away.

"The dog is over 10 years old and suffers from arthritis. It is difficult to imagine her running away, “
The man was arrested and will be put on trial for animal cruelty. He faces two years in a prison sentence and a fine of €30,000 ($ 32,327).

"It's terrible; there are no words to explain such actions. If you no longer want your pet, there are people who can put it in the centers... But this is pure sadism,” said Dominic Berger, the general secretary of the Animals Defense Association in France.

“How can someone do something like that?" It is impossible "One thing is certain, someone who is capable of doing something like this is a problem for our society." Unfortunately, it's not an uncommon incident; we found dogs that have been hung or buried half alive. "

A petition demanding that the abuser is sentenced to the maximum penalty has been issued. It has already received 350,000 signatures.

Fortunately, Dennis and his dog were in the area to save the poor girl, whose name might be Athena. A friend of his has even taken to comparing them to superheroes.

Dog Buried Alive Saved by Another Dog and his Owner

If you are considering adopting a puppy or buying a dog for your family, it is important to know that adopting a dog is a very serious commitment: financially, emotionally and practically. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 44% of families in the United States have a dog. Just as people love their animals, it does not change that it costs some dollars to properly care for pets. According to Petfinder, annual expenses for dog care can increase to more than $ 10,000. The cost can vary a lot depending on the breeds of dogs. Grooming is a great cost associated with having certain breeds. Also, some dog breeds have some health problems. We have classified the most expensive and least expensive dog breeds to own and maintain, according to the main costs that vary in each of them.

Tibetan mastiff

Average cost from a breeder: $ 3,000
Medical problems: the Tibetan mastiff is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, which can run up to $1,500 on the lower end or $ 6,000 on the upper end.
Grooming: Grooming services can cost about $29. But with such a long and thick coat, expect regular grooming fees for a total of $ 408 per year.
Food: Mastiffs are huge dogs with an average energy level. Expect to pay $235 a year just for dog food alone.

Portuguese water dog

Average cost from breeders: $2,500
Medical problems:  Common illness Addison’s disease would cost between $1000 and $5,000 for treatment. Hip dysplasia is also common, and your veterinarian's bill can be around $1,500 to $6,000 to treat it.
Grooming: Regular attention is required to keep and maintained this coat in accordance with the standard. Owners can spend up to $500 per year on grooming.
Food: According to AKC, Portuguese water dogs are high-energy and medium-sized. It is estimated that $235 per year will be needed to feed this breed of dog.

Golden retriever

Average cost per breeder: $1,500
Medical problems: with a series of costly predisposed medical conditions, such as cancer ($ 15,000), cataracts ($5,000), hip dysplasia ($6,000), this dog can be a very expensive breed to fund.
Grooming: This breed has a long coat that requires regular grooming. For basic bathing and brushing ($16 ) should do the trick.
Food: The Golden Retrievers are large and medium dogs. It is estimated that owners will spend about $235 a year to feed them.


Average cost from a breeder: $800
Medical problems: Akitas are prone to conditions, such as hip dysplasia, retinal atrophy, and stomach bloat, according to the American Kennel Club. Bloat, for instance, will cost between $ 1,500 and $ 7,500, according to Empress Pet Insurance.
Grooming: Akitas are like cats and love to groom themselves. As the owner, you will have to brush them weekly to take care of their shedding tendencies. Basic bath and trimming services can cost at $ 16 to start.
Food: for a large and quite active breed, it will cost $ 235 a year to feed Akita.


Average cost from a breeder: $650
Medical problems: this dog is classified as one of the healthiest breeds. "With an average age of 14 to 18 years, Chihuahuas are known to have health problems, including hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, a heart valve disorders, pulmonic stenosis, Patellar luxation could cost $1,500 t0 $3,000.
 Grooming: Smooth- coated Chihuahua needs very little grooming along with regular maintenance. The basic grooming packages may start with $ 16 for this breed.
 Food: small dogs need less food than large breeds. Expect to pay around $ 55 per year to feed this dog.


 Average cost from a breeder: $ 475
Medical problems:  AKC says that although some bout of hip dysplasia and ear infections may occur, they are not common enough to be chronic. One of the healthiest dog breeds, Fox has a minimum of veterinary costs outside of regular vet check-up.

 Grooming: short coats make this breed completely economical. All that is needed is an occasional bath and trim, which can be around for $ 16
Food: This very active breed will need a large amount of food to supplement its running lifestyle at about $ 235 per year.

English setter

 Average cost from a breeder: $350
Medical problems: An energetic breed, English setters have a tendency to develop hip dysplasia and deafness. If necessary, medical costs would be between $300 and $1,500 at the lower end. But, in general, they are healthy dogs.
Grooming: Their long coats require frequent care to protect against mats and tangles. Grooming is $ about $29.
Food: These medium-sized dogs are energetic and active. Annual nutrition costs are approximately $235.

The Most Expensive and Least Expensive Dog Breeds You Can Buy