9 Tips on How to Find your Lost Dog.

When your dog is missing, it can be a stressful experience for you and your dog. If this happens to you, there are some tips to help you find your dog. Time is of the utmost importance.

1. Search your environs: Ask the neighborhood children if they see your lost dog with someone other than your family on the day of its disappearance. Ride your bike or drive in the neighborhood and call the name of your dogs. Do not be embarrassed what others may think about you shouting your dog's name. It is important to find your dog.

2. Ask everyone: ask your mailman, paperboy, the kids and their parents or any delivery person that may have come around that day, if they see your dog. Also, ask if anyone see any strangers or cars that do not belong to the neighborhood.

3. Offer a small reward: inform the neighborhood children that there is a small reward offered to whoever finds your dog. That way there will be others there keeping their eyes open for your dog.

4. Take with you your dog favorite squeeze toy:
if your dog has a favorite toy that has a "squeaker" in it, squeaks it now and then while looking for your dog. He may be able to hear it and it will come to you.

5. Print up flyers: that night, if you cannot find your dog, print up flyers with information and picture of your dog if possible, or a simple written description of your dog along with your phone number and start to distribute them out. If you have a picture of your dog, show everyone who you give the flyer to.

6. Place a "Lost Dog" advertisement in the newspaper: place leaflets in the veterinarian's office, grocery stores, pet stores, and place an ad in the local newspapers under the heading "Lost Dog." Never give your full name and address, just your phone number. Describe the dog, but leave out an identification feature and ask the person who said they have found your dog to describe it. If you are offering a reward, do not mention how much it is in your advert.

7. Beware of pet recovery scams: When someone calls claiming to have your dog, ask him to describe your dog. If it does not include the identifying feature you left out in your ad, he may not really have your dog. Be suspicious of someone asking for the reward in advance or money for gas, so they can bring back your dog.

8. Visit and/or call your local animal shelter: Contract your local animal shelter and any shelter 50 miles from your home and report the lost pet. If possible, visit the shelters every day. They may have your dog and not recognize it, so you will not be informed that your dog has been picked up or turned in. Find out how long the animals have been. You do not want your dog to be euthanized or to be adopted out before you can get him. If you think your dog has been stolen, inform the local police department.

9. Contact the local and state transportation department.
Keep in touch with your road crews for your local or state transportation department to see if your dog was killed or was injured on the road. This is a sad but necessary task. In some areas, the Animal Control also removes any dead animal from the roads. Know the agencies that do this service in your area. This way you'll know, and can call off the search.

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