A drowning dog's desperate wish comes true (Video)

If there is a group of organizations that need support and applause, it is a dog rescue. Animal Aid has received an unlimited call to rescue a dog fighting for her life after falling into a deep pit. They believe the dog may have been swimming hours before one of the villagers saw her and called the helpline.

We received a call to save a dog fighting for her life after falling into a deep pit. She could have been swimming for hours before one of her villagers saw her and called our helpline. She was rapidly losing her strength and could barely keep a hold on the side of the pit. As seen in the video.

The rescuers quickly took the cute dog to remove her, making sure she wasn’t hurt ... and then gave her enough space to rest and lots of love and cuddles, which she accepted with eagerly. Without the kind rescuers, it is likely that the poor dog would have drowned. She seems to have realized that, and obviously is grateful to them for saving her life.

Animals rescue is beautiful for many reasons. It saves a precious someone and inspires communities to get active for animals, to say "no" to the abuse of animals and "yes" to shower them with love and care that each of them deserves. Watch the incredible rescue below.

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