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Our furry pal is an excellent communicator. Although most of the communication is soundless this does not mean that it's not occurring. There are many ways that can be classed as communicating which could be any of the following:

Smell - Sniffing: Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat through their skin but they can and do sweat through their paws. This is helpful to other dogs that follow as it leaves messages behind every time the paw touches the ground.

Marking with urine is another way in which dogs communicate.
There are owners of male dogs who are amazed at how many times that their dog can lift its leg and place but a few drops of urine for others to trace but what they are really doing when they lift their leg is a way of raising the scent.

Female dogs are known to mark in the same way as a way of marking territory. There is little wonder why we are unaware of the scents that we omit when we are scared or excited. We really should not be surprised when our dogs react to these types of emotions.

The importance of sniffing: Sniffing is a real must for any dog as it provides them with much-needed information that we cannot comprehend. When taking your animal for a walk it is constantly taking in scents and learning what is going on around him. It is really unfair to deny your dog of these fact-finding opportunities.

It is not really necessary for a dog to stop to sniff at every tree or post but there should be times factored into your walk that would allow him to take as much time as necessary. In a dog world, sniffing can be likened to watching the news and discussing it with friends or reading the morning papers.

Noises Dogs Can Make include:

The most obvious is barking and this can mean different things for instance, for attention, aggression towards a threat or another dog or just to raise an alarm. After a period of time, an owner will get to interpret the different barks. Barking can mean anything from hello to go away.

Whining: Frequently a young puppy will let out this noise to let you know that something is making it unhappy, it's a cry for help, which usually gets the attention that they are after.

Yelping: If you hear a dog yelp it is normally associated with a cry of pain rather than classed as communication.

Low Growling: This usually means that the animal is unhappy and is a warning about the situation.

Howling: This is a primal sound that some dogs will make and it is a purely social activity. There are dogs that will howl in response to certain sounds they hear on TV or musical instrument.

How Do Dogs Communicate?

Choosing the right dog food which is healthy for your dog health can be a bit difficult. Dog is a man best friend however no matter how close the dog can be with humans, the fact that it is still a dog with special needs and different tastes in food remain. This is why as pet owners we shall give our beloved pet dogs the right types of dog foods that will give more nutrients and energy for the dog. If you are still new with these things, here are some examples of best dog foods that you can give to your beloved pets:

Original Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food:  this Original Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food went through different studies to make sure that the formula used in this recipe will all be about a product that promotes good health of the dogs, something to satisfy their palates, and even for the good of their coat. No marketing tactics and magic were used to hype up this product because it is really the quality of the ingredients based on scientific formula that will give best results for the dog. It is in fact made with ingredients like fresh chicken, brown rice, fresh carrots, sweet potatoes, Taurine fortified and it has no artificial preservatives. The greatest news for all is that it is perfect for all types of dog breeds.

High Prairie Canine Formula Roasted Bison & Venison Dry Dog Food: this product is made from without grain content which is perfect for the diet of your dogs. It has ingredients like raspberries, tomatoes and roasted bison which are great to provide energy for active dogs. The best thing about this food recipe is that it tastes like no other and it is made from real roasted meats. This is also supplemented with fruits and vegetables that are good antioxidants for your pet. Natural antioxidants help the dog to be more healthy and safe from any illness so with this you no longer have to worry about your dog's health. Providing them with this food product is also like securing their precious health.

All Natural Recipe Dry Dog Food for All Life Stage:  the dogs will surely love the four key ingredients flavour this formula recipe is made of. Best of all, this dog food product is also made with brown rice which made healthier since it is whole grain plus just fair amount of carbohydrates which are perfect to provide high nutrition and energy for the dog. Dogs are very active so they definitely need something to boost their energy to keep them strong all day and this food recipe is certainly perfect.

After learning about these different types and classifications of dog foods, you should start to determine what the right product for your pets is and make sure to serve the dog foods to them right away. Seeing your pets looking healthy and lively all the time is definitely a rewarding feeling so do your best to provide them with the things and products that are best for them most especially the foods that they eat.

The Best Foods to Feed Your Dogs

If you are planning to move to a new house and you know it is going to be stressful for everyone involved including your dog. There will be so much disruption, imagine what it is like for your family dog, their normal routine has gone as everyone is busy doing different things. The whole world your dog has become familiar with, such as smells and household objects has changed dramatically and you should be aware that your dog could become stressed.

One consideration is to place your dog in a boarding kennel for the whole period of the move. If you decide to do this you will need to ensure the dog is up to date with vaccinations and worming. Placing your dog in boarding kennels ensures your pet is kept safe and has a minimal affect on their stress levels whilst you and the rest of the family deal with the move. After the move to your new home and everything is unpacked and a semblance of normality has been restored you can collect your dog. It is important that you then give the dog the required time and attention needed for it to settle into the new environment.
However, for whatever reason boarding kennels may not be an option and you will want to keep your dog with you. If this is the case then the following tips will help make the move as smooth as possible.

1. As early as possible on the day of the move empty one room as quickly as possible and then that room can be used to keep the dog in. Make sure that all the doors and windows are closed, that way you know the dog is safe and where to find it when it is time to go. Let the removals people know where the dog is so that they do not let it out by mistake or scare the dog or get themselves frightened.

2. If you can, feed your dog as you normally would but try not to feed it too close to the actual moving time. If you do, your dog may become ill during traveling especially on a long distance journey.

3. Everyone will be excited on your arrival at your new home and that includes your dog. You should do exactly what you did when leaving your old house, find a room to keep the dog in and leave some familiar belongings in the room with the dog and don't forget to provide the dog with a bowl of water. Once again make sure the doors and windows are closed and if you can, lock the door to that room and even put a warning on the door informing all who is inside, this should stop everyone from opening the door accidentally.

4. Once you have your dog safely in a room you and your family can get on with moving everything into the house. As you work through the day please think about your dog and remember to feed them. You can as well provide your furry pal with a blanket which smells of your old house, this will make your dog feel more secure and keep them warm if it gets a little cold.

5. Don't forget your dog will need exercise at some point during the day. Whilst you have been looking around your new surroundings you should find an area around your home where you can exercise your dog. The opportunity to have some free exercise will be greatly appreciated by your dog especially after being cooped up in one room for a large part of the day.

6. Walk your dog around the house and garden with your dog at your side. It will help your  dog explore the new environments without your dog becoming too overwhelmed. Make sure your garden is secure before you do this. Take this time to explore and get to know your new home together.If you follow these tips your move to your new home should be less stressful for both you and your dog.

How to Help Your Dog Feel Less Stressful When Moving to a New House