All You Need to Know About Great Pyrenees

Breed Description: The Great Pyrenees came from France where they were an old natural breed. They were developed as herders and sled pullers. The American Kennel Association first registered them in 1933. The Great Pyrenees has the distinct appearance of great beauty, great size and majesty. This large dog has been bred to guard sheep in the Pyrenees. The male counterpart of this breed weighs an average of 100 pounds, and stands between 27-32 inches. The females, however, are typically 85 pounds, and stands 25-29 inches tall.

 Coat: The Great Pyrenees has a water-resistant double coat that has a long, thick, and flat topcoat, and a woolly and fine inner coat. Commonly seen coat colors are white, but white with tan or gray markings are also accepted.  

Activity: The Great Pyrenees require a great deal of exercise to keep fit. If they are not kept to guard a flock, they should be taken on long brisk walks daily.  

Temperament: The Great Pyrenees is naturally composed and gentle. Their versatility makes them great companion, livestock guardian, and watchdog provided they were given appropriate socialization and training. They have a keen sense of smell and sight and are always wary of their surroundings. This breed is usually aloof around strangers and new situations. They have a big heart for little kids and make a great companion and protector if given proper socialization.

 Care: The Great Pyrenees requires regular brushing to keep their coats in tip-top condition. Extra care should be given when shedding heavily. They generally shed all year, but do so heavily once yearly. The top coat doesn't usually mat unless a burr is formed. This may cause things to get stuck to the coat of your dog. Some owners shave their coats during summer to prevent this, but they should beware of sunburn. Bathing and dry shampooing should only be done when needed.  

Training: In training the Great Pyrenees dog, owners should take into consideration his or her temperament first. They are intelligent - too intelligent that they'd rather make their own choices in almost all things. Meaning, it is of utmost importance to gain this breed's trust first and foremost and to be able to do that, fairness should be shown as they have a developed sense of justice that matures as they grow.

The Great Pyrenees should be touched and trained as young as possible. They must be accustomed to meeting new people on a leash without showing aggression. Due to their large size, any behavioral problems should be taken care of while they are still puppies, or else they will be far too grown to be corrected.

 Character: Also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, the Great Pyrenees is among the beautiful breeds in the world. They are large, muscular and white, which shows their elegance as a breed. Aside from their beauty and physique, they have been popular due to their competitiveness in the show ring.

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