Car Safety Tips - How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

Over 3 million pets are killed in auto accidents every year, this is something you want to prevent happening. The best thing to do is to ensure your dog is safe while driving; safety for your four-legged companion is a top priority. If you are passionate about car safety for dogs, here are some ideas to keep your furry pals safe and comfortable while you are traveling.

 Walky Guard Car Barrier

A walky guard! This is a device that installs behind the front seats of your car to keep your dog in the back. You don't any tools to install it, it is easily adjustable, and it only weighs 5 pounds.

 A walky guard car barrier means a trip to the beach or the park today doesn't turn into a trip to the detailer's tomorrow. Your dirty dog will be kept in the back seat away from your clean front seats. It will also keep him safe by not allowing him to jump from the front of the car to the back again, and everywhere else.

A pet car barrier will give you great peace of mind if you have to stop quickly, too. Fido won't go flying into the dashboard or into a passenger with a barrier in place. Remember, the force exerted from a crash can be astronomical!  

Seat Belts for Dogs

 If a barrier isn't your thing, a doggie seat belt is another option for restraining your pet in the car. Did you know that a collision at only 30 miles per hour can exert a force of 300 pounds on a 15-pound dog? Ouch! Between 3 and 5 million pets are killed each year in car crashes. Many of those could have been prevented with a simple safety restraint. Don't let your precious puppy be one of those statistics.

 Here are the top reasons for using a pet seat belt:

 1. Prevents driver distraction

2. Protects the other vehicle occupants

 3. It is easier for rescue workers- A dog who has been in an accident will likely be shocked and confused, and may attack anyone who tries to help him. Restraining your dog will make it easier for rescue workers to give your pet the attention he needs in such an eventuality.

 4. It prevents your dog from jumping out of your vehicle. Dogs can be easily distracted. If they see something they want, they will even jump through an opened car window to get it simply because they don't know any better.

 5. Convenience-Seat belts save you from the worry of holding your dog every time a car window or door is opened.

6. Security- If your dog gets carsick or uneasy while he's in the car, a seat belt will help him feel secure when the car is braking, accelerating, or going around turns.

 Kennels and Carriers

 Another idea in the quest for car safety for dogs is either a kennel or a carrier. This option might be good if you have a smaller dog or a kitty cat. Make sure you get one that can be secured though because you don't want it thrown around with your pet inside if the worst happens.

 Small or medium crates generally fit in the back seat of most vehicles. If you have an SUV, you might want to place your crate in the cargo area. Wherever you put your crate, make sure it is not in the crumple zone of your vehicle.

  Car safety for dogs is easy to practice-do yourself and your dog the favor of restraining him. You will be able to drive without distractions and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your furry kid will be safe in case of any accidents.

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