How To Easily Teach Your Dog To Pray

You ever imagine being at the dining table with some of your family members, colleagues, and friends. After the table is set and the food is ready and is time to say the grace. Calling you furry pal to join the grace. Your friends will probably raise an eyebrow when you tell your dog to join in prayer with everyone. He hops up with his paws on the table and bows his head. You say grace and with an amen, he gets off the table and goes to his favorite food bowl.

Believe me, none of your guests will close their eyes during prayer – the probably will be staring at your dog like they just saw some artificial movie clip take play in real life. Would you like your dog to leave that impression? It is very possible; you can train your dog to do that in real life. You can get your dog to say grace with you! To do that, here is what you need:

1.    A relatively smart dog
2.    His favorite treats
3.    A chair, table or just your lap.

Tell your dog to hop up with his legs on the table. Use the command "PRAY" as much as possible. Only when he does this successfully you give him a treat. Don't give him any treat if he does not do this.

You have to do the exact same thing, but now it's to teach him to put his chin on his paws. Use the word "PRAY" the whole time. If he raises his head before asked him to stop, you have to tell him NO and start over. Once he had learned to not come up until you actually stop, you can move on to teach him when to actually stop. To train your pooch when to stop, the right command to use is “Amen”.

Remember the following - the command "PRAY" equals more than one action. He has to hop up and then to rest his chin on his paws. You have to repeat this a lot but it will come to trust me. Teaching him to stop is the easiest part.

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