How to Choose the Right Dog Bed

Dogs, like people, are now living longer than ever before. That means that as they age, we need to make them as comfortable as possible, and a large part of that responsibility is in choosing the right dog beds for man's best friend. In choosing the right one, you have many factors to take into consideration. Your dog's size and build is a significant factor in selecting the right bed for your dog.

You also need to think about any conditions they may have like osteoarthritis, which means you need to find a bed which relieve some of the stress on your pet's joints and supports them adequately. Also, if your dog does suffer from such a condition, you may even have to think of the height of the bed that you choose for your pet, because, like with humans, getting up and down may be one of the most difficult maneuvers, meaning that they could struggle on low dog beds.

You might even want to look into memory foam beds, to get really hi-tech but not necessarily high price. These kinds of dog beds react to the dog's body temperature to soften up the foam and allow it to mold to their body, cradling every joint effectively. This also helps to distribute a dog's weight evenly. A lot of people are realizing just how comfortable memory foam beds are so why wouldn't you give your pet the same comfort by checking out memory foam dog beds?

To add to your dog's comfort, you need to check out beds which are anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic, in order to safeguard your pet's health. Be careful of less expensive dog beds that will be made using materials containing harmful chemicals. They aren't good for your dog or you.

The shape of your dog's bed is important too. You can find flat dog beds, donut ones and even ones shaped like armchairs. To choose the right one, observe how your dog sleeps. The position they choose will help you to decide on the right shape of dog bed.

Of course, you may well want your dog's bed to be fashionable too, or to fit in with the decor of the room in which it's kept. The good news is that dog beds can now be found in a whole host of other patterns and colors. They are available in various fabrics too, from sheepskin to denim and many fabrics in between, so you can find exactly what you're looking for. A good tip for hygiene and health is to find dog beds that have removable, washable covers, so keeping the area clean is an easy job.

With all these dogs beds on offer, you are sure to be able to find one to suit you and your dog, so long as you remember to take a few things into consideration: size, shape, fabric, pattern and color, just like you would when buying a piece of furniture for yourself.

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