All You Need to Know Before Adopting a German Shorthaired Pointer

If you do not mind bringing a large dog into your home, the German shorthaired pointer could be the perfect fit. These pups are known for their rapid movements. In fact, they love running around and playing outdoors. If you would prefer to have an active dog that you can have fun with at the park or even in the backyard, this breed is a great choice.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunter and gun dog. This medium-sized breed has an aristocratic stature and is a cross between Spanish hounds and Hanover Hound. The average male weighs between 55-70 pounds, stands 23-25 inches, while the typical female weighs 45-60 pounds, and 21-23 inches tall.

German shorthaired pointers are known for their intelligence. They catch on quickly and may be easy for you to train. Although they are extremely intelligent, they do not have a problem cooperating. They listen to commands and follow directions a lot better than some other breeds.

They has a short, flat, hard, dense, and coarse double coat. They have dense undercoat that is confined with a strong body hair that makes this breed weather resistant and highly adaptable to cold climates.

Even though the German shorthaired pointers are large animals, they are still quite affectionate. They love jumping up and down on their owners and cuddling with them on the couch. Once they trust their owner, they will be loyal and loving on a daily basis. If you love the idea of having an affectionate dog, this is the kind of breed you would want to bring into your home with the rest of the family.

These dogs absolutely love spending time with children. They would make the perfect family pet because they are protective of the little ones and enjoy playing different games with them, such as fetch. Not only are they good with children, but they tend to get along well with other animals in the home too.

While taking one of these pups out for a walk, they may be a bit suspicious of other animals that they are not familiar with, which is in their nature. However, they are easy to control and will often behave just fine if they do not feel threatened by the other animal on the street. Male German shorthaired pointers tend to get along a lot better with females instead of other males, so it is something to consider if you plan on getting more than one of them.

Overall, these dogs make great pets because they tend to get along with most people and other animals. They have a calm temperament, but they are also quite active and love running their paws through the grass. When they are properly cared for in a living home, these pups tend to live for up to 14 years. If you are thinking about getting a new pet, you might want to get a German shorthaired pointer.

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