How to to Remove Dog Tear Stains

Dog tear stains will typically occur in smaller dogs and can be an issue to handle. Different breeds of dogs will suffer from variety of similar yet unique problems which are mainly caused by excessive build up of tears that block the tear ducts. This build up causes the dark colors under the eyes. Maltese tear staining is very common, as are poodle tear stains.

The collection of these tears on the hair around the eyes leads to clumps of bacteria and hair. This is not only a cosmetic issue, but it can also lead to health problems as yeast forms causing infections. The interesting thing is that the fur around a dogs eyes functions as a barrier around the eyes and prevents tears from flowing inwards. Once build up occurs a bridge, in essence, is formed allowing these tears to flow into areas where they should not.

Therefore the hair around the eyes needs to receive regular grooming and cleaning. You can use a mild pet shampoo, as well as tear stain wipes. If you are unable to remove the stains yourself, and you suspect an infection is immanent by all means you should visit a veterinarian doctor with your pet.

It is also important to eliminate yeast and bacterial growth in the eye area. The most common is red yeast, which is easy to identify by its red brown color (the stains). It also has a strong aroma very similar to vinegar. There are many dog tear stain remover solutions on the marketplace and they are all a bit different. The good news is that most of them work fine.

Many vets feel that the structure around the eyes plays in role in stains. Deeper set eyes tend to be more prone to this problem. Genetics is also a big cause as is evident by the fact that specific breeds are much more prone. In fact almost all Maltese's and Poodles have staining around their eyes.

While there is little that can be done to change the eye structure. Many times the eyelids will turn in ward and block the drainage. While this is correctable, it is a severe measure and we do not recommend it unless it is a medical necessity, such as a dog with excessive tear stains that continually cause infections. The positive news is that there are many solutions that help prevent the clogging and build up of the stains

Different products have been considered effective in various ways to solve the issue at hand. One great ingredient is tylosin as it prevents the build up and potential yeast infection. Any dog tear stain remover should be effective without being to harsh. Also remember to be a bit patient when using a tear stain remover as it will take a few weeks to see results.

Remember that these tear stains is more than a cosmetic or appearance problem. Having said that, often they are a result of poor nutrition and diet. So make sure you feed your dog well and that there are no other issues causing the tear stains. Sometimes preservatives, dies, and other processed ingredients found in pet foods will cause the condition to get worse. A solution is to make the food yourself with all natural and organic ingredients. Also make sure you are providing a good clean water. If you use well water try bottled water and see if there is any difference. Our Poodle had large tear stains that took about 3 weeks to clear up, but they did

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