All You Need To Know About Stress In Dogs

Things You Don't Know About Your Dogs

We, as humans can't avoid stress due to several things. But, will you believe that stress in dogs can also occur? This might be a rare situation. Unfortunately, most dog owners are not conscious that this is happening to their pet.

If you will not pay close attention to what is happening to your pet, then you might not notice that your dog is experiencing severe psychological problems. This might result to health problems, unpredictable dog behavior or even serious illness to your pet. Believe it or not, but sometimes stress in dogs can even result to his death. Below, you're about to discover the most common reasons why your pet is being stressed.

Reasons Why Your Dog Is Stressed

As his owner, you are responsible for everything that will happen to it. Understanding why your pet is suffering from stress is really important. This will help you avoid this type of condition to your pet.

Dog breeds like Great Danes, Border Collies and German Shepherds are more vulnerable to stress. If you do own a dog like this, then reading below will help you understand why they are getting stress.

Your pet might be undergoing from pain and illnesses, bringing to new home, being introduced to new pets, have separation anxiety problems, scared of loud noises, being the only pet in the house or hunger.

Learning from these will lessen the chance of your dog from being stress.

Indications Of Stress In Dogs

Show your dog how much you love him. Give your pet enough attention especially if it is obviously showing one of these symptoms.

Physical symptoms of your dog will come to your first lists. Observing what is happening to your pet physically will enable you to tell if your dog is stressed. This may include glazy eyes, unable to focus on commands, excessive licking or chewing and showing no interest in any physical activities.

Next in our list are oral indications. Do you know that stress in dogs is also shown through these oral symptoms? If your dog is licking too much of its nose and lips or even abnormal panting and drooling, then no doubt, that your dog is stressed.

Last but not the least is your dog's body gestures.Only few of dog owners nowadays know that a sudden change in the dog's body language can be a sign of a stress. Look out for stress in dogs symptoms like wandering eyes, trembling, furrowed brow and restlessness.

Be a good owner to your pet. Check out the reasons and symptoms why stress in dogs occurs. Doing so, it will allow you to let your dog live a stress free life.

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