Signs of Dog Behavior Problems

Many dog lovers and dog owners are horrified to find out that the dog of their dreams is not what they have in the real world. Whenever we watch dog shows live or in television, we are swept away with their gracefulness, manners, and intelligence. Little do people know that just like any other animal, dogs have several behavioral problems that an owner must live with or do something about.

If you have a dog, then you know how it can be sometimes difficult to train your pet. Regardless of the breed, dogs have different personalities and all exhibit different behaviors. However, there are some common behavioral problems that, if spotted early, you as an owner can completely reverse the problems. Let's take a look at the different behavioral problems exhibited by dogs.

The first behavioral problem one would notice is that dogs like to dig. If you're one of the few people that do not mind your dog digging up your lawn, then disregard this, but good owners should train their dogs to stop digging. To train a dog to not dig successfully, you will need to catch your pet in the act of digging and stop it. It is important to stop your dog in the middle as this will help them learn that digging is sometimes not correct.

The second behavioral problem is chewing. Dogs and puppies like to discover the world they inhabit by utilizing their mouth. Whether its for exploration or calming, they need to understand that they should not be eating things that is not food for them. Its utmost important to stop this habit as it can have health consequences. One way to do this is to give your dog chew toys.

Begging is another behavioral problem in dogs. Dogs will often beg for food especially if they see the whole family eating together at the dinner table. You can reduce this behavior by never giving your food from the dinner table to your dog. This may seem cruel, but you can always take the dog to a different room, or even the same room, and put food in the dog's food bowl. This way the dog will understand that it has a special bowl and a special spot to eat.

Aggression is also a very common behavioral problem seen in dogs. This behavior is actually the prime reason why dogs seem such violent creatures, but in reality it is the training they receive that makes them so. If a trainer can control the dog's aggression and potentially reduce it, then it is a safer pet than before.

Sometimes dogs like to pull on the leash when you take them for a walk. Never let the dog pull the leash because if you let them, then the dog will wrongfully understand that pulling on the leash is a good and allowed behavior. Always make sure that if need be, you pull the leash and eventually your dog will learn to walk calmly and carefully beside you.

Lastly attention is also a behavioral problem in dogs. However this is a controversial topic as some people like to give a lot of attention to their dog. But be careful, as this may make your dog spoiled.

In conclusion, behavioral problems in dogs is a large list because of the varying behaviors of dogs. If these behaviors are sighted early, it is easier to reduce them.

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