Important Tips for New Dog Owners

Buy vet fees cover for your dog: Having your dog covered for any eventuality is very important. We all know how expensive vet fees are these days and if your dog ever needs any treatment (which they will do when they are young) or operation having cover will make the experience a lot less stressful.

Always be the pack leader: The best advice any new dog owner can receive is always be the pack leader. Sure your new puppy or dog looks really cute and all you want to do when you first get him home is cuddle and love him to death but you have to remember dogs are pack animals and need a leader and guess what? You have got it in one. You, my friend, will have to be the pack leader for your new dog because if you are not you are storing up a lot of future problems for yourself and your dog. Not to mention any visitors you get to your home. Always start as you mean to go on.

Socialize you puppy or dog: Always make sure you socialize you dog properly. This has to be one of the first steps in dog training because if this is not done then all the other training you do will suffer as a result. Just think about it for a second, if your dog is not socialized properly he can behave very unpredictably. A well socialized dog will remain calm when faced with unpredictable conditions. Socializing is about letting your dog know what is and what is not acceptable in the world. Being aggressive to humans or other dogs is one area that socializing will teach them is not acceptable.

Book your new dog or puppy into a training class: It is always advisable to book your dog into a proper training class as this will lay the foundation for the rest of your dog's training all through his life. It also has the advantage of socializing your dog with other dogs as well. There are many dog training schools out there so all you need to do find one you are comfortable with.

Use high-quality dog food: The two biggest problems dog owners face are health problems and behavioral issues. By looking after your dog's health by feeding high-quality dog food with all the necessary nutrients your dog needs to remain in tip top condition you will be keeping your dog's physical and mental health in good condition. This in turn will help minimize both of these problems.

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