10 Tips on How to Take the Best Dog Selfie

Taking selfies of your puppy can be a very fun hobby you can engage it that would surely prove very useful in the end since it will allow you to preserve and share the special moments and memories that you have with your furry friend. Just try to imagine the joy you will feel when the time comes that you already have a large number of your puppy pictures and you have already compiled it as a whole album that is dedicated exclusively for your dog. Taking a selfie with a dog requires skillful multi-tasking; a lot can go wrong so the following are some quick and easy tips that can help you take some quality selfies of your dogs.

1.  Go to your dog. Never force your pal to come to you, just go to him. In other words, get down on your dog's level where you can look upon it straight to the eyes. By doing this, you can get a glimpse of what life looks like from your dog's perspective.

2. Bring it outside. It is better to take dog pictures outside instead in studio-like settings. Why? Dogs tend to feel more relaxed when they are free to move around.

3. Capture your dog’s personality. Brilliant dog photography can effectively portray a dog's personality in the photograph. You can start by capturing your pal's natural pose or its own version of a smile. Always think about what type of personality your dog has and try to capture that in your shots.

4. Use natural lighting. Lighting can make or break a photograph. Therefore it is ideal to always use natural light when taking pictures of your pet. However, avoid direct sunlight as it can affect natural coloring. Avoid using flash as it cannot only cause red-eye but can terrify the dog as well. Instead, try to go outside whenever possible.

5. Let your dog be comfortable with the camera. How can you exactly do this? First, let your dog have a good sniff of the camera, then you may start to casually shoot the surroundings. The idea is to let your dog be used to the camera so that it will act as natural and relaxed as possible.

6. Attempt to capture dynamism. Pets are active and always on the move. However, this must not discourage you from taking good dog pictures. Instead, use this as inspiration. Wouldn't it be great to be able to freeze your dog's action through using a fast shutter speed? Once you already got your shutter speed, be ready and anticipate your dog's actions. You'll be surprised at how wonderful it is to capture your pet's dynamism.

7. Focus on your dog's eyes. It is essential to give your photograph a strong impression. Dogs have impressive eyes that vary in color and pattern. Also, an up-close photo is a great way to bring out your pet's best features.

8. Experiment with angles and shots. Do not stick to boring conventional ways of taking pictures. Explore different angles, methods, and compositions. Don't be bound by any rules as there are no rules in brilliant photography.

9. Have a simple background. The key secret to any good photography is simplicity. It is ideal to have backgrounds that only have a maximum of two colors. Simple backgrounds, like green trees or white sand beach, will make your dog stand out. Pay close attention to color, as well. Pick colors that are clean and contrast to the subject.

10. Be Patient and have fun! Pet photography definitely demands patience - tons of it. Remember, if you are not patient enough, you can miss the opportunity to get a great shot. Have fun with your dog while doing it. And you'll see great photos of your dog just loving life.

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