Ten Most Ask Questions about Golden Retrievers

The breed of golden retrievers is preferred the world over because these dogs are very friendly. They love to play with their owners. They even try and make friends with visitors to the house and other dogs. They love strenuous physical activities. If you are planning to buy a golden retriever you have made a wise choice but you should have complete information on the breed. So here are some frequently asked questions about Golden Retrievers and the answers:

Question 1. Will all males mark territory or lift their legs?

Answer:  If males are neutered early, generally 6 months to 1.5 years, they will not be territorial.

Question 2. Why is it appropriate to spray my female?

Answer: By spaying your female before her first heat cycle you will be able to protect her against mammary tumors, uterine, cancer, and ovarian cancer. In addition, sterilized pets tend to behave better.

Question 3. Why is it appropriate to spray my male?

Answer: By spraying your male you can prevent your dog from developing testicular tumors and having a lower incidence of prostate cancer. In addition, by neutering your male Golden Retriever early on you will decrease the chances of medical problems, territorial aggression, leg lifting, roaming, behavioral problems, mounting, and possessive aggression.

Question 4. What is the lifespan of these dogs?

Answer.  Typically the lifespan is 12-15 years

Question 5.  What are some of the differences between male and female Goldens?

Answer: Size is the biggest difference between male and females. Females usually weigh between 50-60 pounds and the male usually weight 65-80 pound.

Question 6. Is it true or a misconception that females are calmer than males?

Answer:  In most cases, male Goldens tend to be more affectionate than females. In addition, females tend to be more independent than males.

Question 7. Do Golden Retrievers shed?

Answer:  Yes, they are known for shedding. This breed of dog sheds year round with a minimum of two times per year. Golden Retrievers need to be groomed/brushed on a daily basis and regularly use an undercoat rake which will reduce shedding. By brushing daily, it keeps the hair from matting.

Question 8. Should a Golden Retriever be shaved?

Answer: No, do not shave your Golden. A daily routine of brushing with an undercoat rake will help to solve the shedding problem. Goldens have to layers of coat hair. Golden Retriever coats are designed to keep them comfortable and to protect them from winter and summer cold and heat. During the winter months, undercoat grows and during the spring months, they begin to shed.

Question 9. How much exercise do Golden Retrievers need?

Answer:  Goldens are a very active breed and need a lot of exercises. While your Golden is young, under the age of 18 months, you should be careful about how much exercise they endure. In addition, you should not make your Golden jog or run until they are fully grown in order to avoid damaging their joints. Some proper exercise for Golden Retrievers includes throwing tennis balls, swimming, playing with other dogs, etc.

Question 10. Are Golden Retrievers good with children?

Answer:  Most Goldens adapt very well with children. Be careful though, despite their friendly temperament these dogs are active and energetic dogs. This means without meaning to a Golden could easily knock small children down with excitement.

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