Dog saved a little girl from choking to death

Louie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel began barking and frantically running around the apartment to get the attention of Shannon Weeks.

Shannon, from Dartford in Kent, followed the dog to her daughter's bedroom and found her one-year-old daughter lying face down.

Fortunately, it was not too late and the child was fully recovered, but the doctors said she could have died if it were not for Louie.

Louis does not even belong to the family, her owner is Shannon’s nan Maureen Tarrant, who brought him to her apartment that same day. Shannon, 23, said: "The dog kept barking and barking."

"He hardly ever does that so I did not know what to think ... Louis was going in and out of the rooms and back to Chloe.
"I went out and saw him outside of my daughter's room ... It was the worst you can imagine.

"I entered and my daughter was face down, she was pale and was not breathing, she had vomited and choked on her own sick, the only thing I remember doing is screaming".

Chloe came round when her mother picked her and patted her back, and her father Tom took her to Darent Valley Hospital.

Doctors told the family that four-year-old Louie saved Chloe's life.

Shannon said, "Lewis is my hero. If not for him, I would not have my pretty daughter."

The next evening, Chloe fell ill again and was diagnosed with bronchitis and stomach bug, but she has recovered since.

Shannon said: "The doctors said that if it were not for Louie and I had not get there when I did, Chloe may not have survived, he really did save my daughter."

I've always been nervous about dogs around babies before. Louie is so loyal, he never hurt a fly. After what happened, I went and get him some treats, if not for him I would not have my beautiful daughter."

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