How to keep Elderly Dogs Healthy and Active as They Age

Most domestic dogs live between 10 and 13 years, although many live up to 16 years, dogs that spend time outdoors may have a shorter life due to exposure to health hazards such as chemicals, traffic, infections, human violence and fighting with other dogs. As with humans, a better medical care and quality food now mean that dogs can live longer and this poses unique challenges to dog owners who care for the older dog. The following are some things you should consider as your pet is getting old.

Joints and muscles: Puppy does not remain flexible and energetic forever, and when their muscles tone decreases and their joints become inflamed with conditions such as arthritis, the cat may experience greater difficulty moving around.

Ensure your pet beds are easy for him to climb. You can also consider creating ramps out of plywood covered in carpet and use it to help him climb up stairs or his favorite patch on the sofa.

As pet age, caring for them becomes even more important. When a pet becomes too old, it can suffer the loss of sight and hearing, just like older humans, caring for dogs becomes more difficult at this age. Care must be taken to ensure the pet is as comfortable as possible. Your dog teeth can present real challenges as they get older. Like all of us, the older we get the more dental problems we have. Be sure you do everything possible to keep your dog teeth healthy.

Homeopathy: Another valuable treatment for your dog is homeopathy. Consult a holistic veterinarian before you combine any supplements with any other medication your dog is taking. Also, if your pup is seriously ill, never give him any supplement without the guidance of holistic veterinarians. Remember that supplements are also medications and can be dangerous if not used properly.

If your family is mixed- by this I mean having a dog living with your cat, some of this information can be applied to your elder dog. But, again, check with a knowledgeable veterinarian that has experience in homeopathy and Holistic therapy. You may have to call many veterinarians before finding the one with these skills.

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