Tips on How to Use Dog Clicker

Dog clicker training is one of the best dog training techniques if you wish to teach your puppy or new dog the standard commands such as sit and stay. Dog clicker training takes a bit of patience at first but will soon bring about amazing results as you see your dog training exertions pay off.

A dog clicker is an equipment for canine training. It is a very effective tool to use as an alternative to dog treats. When you are training your dog, you usually need to have lots of treats to give the dog whenever it obeys your command. But it can be too costly especially when you do regular canine training. The clicker can be used instead of the dog foods. As you press the clicker, it will give a unique sound. The clicking sound will alert the canine and will try to hear it more. As your dog responds to your commands and you press the clicker, the canine will continue obeying you just to hear that distinguished sound again.

But before you can be successful to this, you first need to know how to use the dog clicker. That way, you won't be misunderstood by the dog. The following are the steps on how to use the dog clicker:

1. Sit in a casual place with your pet dog. During the first few attempts of the clicker training, you will have to use some treats. So as you sit with your canine, hold the treats and the clicker.

2. Press the clicker and then give your dog a treat as he responds to the sound. This will help you get the dog's attention by using the clicker. As you give treats to your dog, it will know that responding to the sound will help him have some treats.

3. Repeat clicking and giving dog treats until the dog responds quickly to the sound as you press it. Make sure that you give emphasis to the clicker and not the treats alone.

4. Now, you can start using the clicker as the dog treat alternative. Give your dog some simple commands like sit, stand, catch, and lie down and others. As your dog obeys you and follows what you tell him, press the clicker a few times. Your dog will then be more active and will look for that unique sound.

5. Keep giving orders to the dog and praise him every time he obeys you while pressing on the clicker.

6. Your dog might be looking for the reward as you keep pressing the clicker. Give him some of the treats every once in a while.

7. Just try not to give too many treats. Remember that you are emphasizing with the clicker. Make sure that in the end, what the dog will be wanting is the unique sound as you press it.

8. Keep your training on how to use the dog clicker. This will be both for you and your pet.

The time you know the steps on how to use the dog clicker, you can enjoy more bonding time with your canine. You do not need to stress it when training. Just make it like a playtime for you and your dog so both of you will not get bored.

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