Like Human, Dog Need Balanced Nutrition

It has been customary for people to feed a meal's remains to their dogs. But ever since companies had started creating pet foods, through the advances that were made in technology and agriculture, people had been bombarded with lots of different kinds of instant foods for their dogs. With all the colorful and innovative packaging of dog foods, how would you know if you are giving your dog the right kind of nutrition?

A balanced nutrition is a must for your pets, so one must consider carefully before buying pet food products for your dog. Some wrong practices in feeding your dog include allowing them to eat too much food and giving them the wrong kind of food. Overeating will let your dog become fat, and letting them eat foods that are not proper for his diet, will get them sick. Us, humans get sick through these practices, and so do our dogs if they do not have a well-balanced diet on a regular basis.

You must, therefore, provide for healthy and balanced meals that will support the health and growth in your dog. A balanced meal includes carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, lipids, etc. in their proper food amounts. It may be pretty hard to calculate that on the food that you are giving to your dog, but you can always determine if it is just right depending on his weight. You only have to make sure that he is neither skinny nor fat. And actually, too skinny is safer for your pet than being too fat.

You can find some help from books that discuss the caloric needs of dogs. It can be determined by knowing their breed, metabolism, eating habits, and weight. The best dog foods must contain only a small amount of digestible fillers and must provide the nutrient and caloric needs of your dog. It can be quite pricey but it should not be a major cause for concern. Some products may contain the same amount of nutrients but be composed of entirely different ingredients.

One may be made of cheaper ingredients than the other, but both could contain the same ratio of nutrients. For example, most glucosamine for dogs products contain the same exact ingredients. When you have known the specific needs of your dog from the number of nutrients to the amount of energy that they would need, you must then proceed on deciding about which brand of pet food to buy.

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