7 Amazing Pet Supplies You've Never Heard Of

Getting a new dog is an exciting time for everyone in a household, however, it is important to be properly supplied before your new canine family member settles in. You must have been informed about the brushes, collars, and leashes, but what about the more uncommon pet supplies that are convenient for us to buy? The following are a few that may tickle your fancy.

Strollers - Yes, push-chair as in a pram for your pet! If you are the owner of a little dog that does not like walking too far but loves hanging out with them out in the unpolluted air then this is the item that you want! Prices start at around $60 and are available in a range of different colors.

Pet sun lotion, Hot Oil, and Hand & Feet soap. - Each priced in the region of $35 each - but at least she is going to be looking wonderful for her wedding day!!!

Neuticles - Implants for after the fixing of your dog, so that everything still looks'macho'. Costs alter depending on size and production but are around $100 to $1000.

Pet wedding Supplies - The hippest pet thing to do now is to have your pets married - Pamela Anderson did. Hostels are even getting in on the money by offering wedding planners and locations to conduct the ceremony. Tuxedos and Bridal Gowns are available on the net and can be made to gauge. Costs beginning from $100 for marriage wear and $250 for the wedding rite. Great excuse for a party!

Pet Cell - This is a $300 cell phone that clips onto the collar of your pooch and lets you talk with him/her wherever you are. There is a calling plan price too, of $15 a month.

Fur Coats - from $4500. This seems very not right for me... Putting one dead animal skin/fur onto another bushy small animal?

DVDs - Not for you to enjoy, except for your dear pet. There is a selection of programs made in particular for your dog/cat/bird available to get and provide hours of entertainment for your pet! Be careful though, pet obesity is on the increase and TV is supposed to be used alongside regular exercise!

Here I have listed the most unfamiliar items that are available to buy; I doubt that there'll be a mass in-flow into the shops and online retailers selling these items!

Some of the commoner, cheap or practical unique pet supplies are coats for in the rain, excessive collars and leashes, Nike doggy trainers and sun caps.

There is a lot out there and the pet industry is booming like never before, a $14 billion industry. Pets are now most commonly owned by singletons, unwed couples, or couples without youngsters - therefore that cats and dogs are to be treated more and more like people - babies.
Anything ‘special' for them.

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