6 Ways You Can Make Money Working With Dogs

One of the easiest low-cost ways to make money with dogs is offering a dog walking service. This type of business is especially popular in urban areas. You can offer this in suburban areas but it will require more travel time. A dog walking service will require insurance and bonding. Check with your local agent for rates.

Starting a pet sitting service is another opportunity for you to explore. A pet sitting service does not require the overhead that businesses that need a physical location do. You go from house to house taking care of the pets in their own home. This service has become very popular as many dog owners do not like leaving their dogs in kennels.

Dog training is a very popular business and also has low start-up costs. This will require some training on your part. You'll have to learn how to train dogs before you can start in business. There are many schools in the United States that offer this. There are also online courses and organizations. An excellent organization for anyone wanting to learn about becoming a dog trainer is the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

If you have photography skills there are a lot of pet owners that will pay to have professionally done pictures. You can approach shelters, dog trainers, dog groomers, kennel owners pet stores, etc. and ask to have a pet photography day in their place of business. It helps promote their business and it is an easy way for you to get started. Pet photos with Santa is a very popular event around Christmas time.

Dog daycare has become hugely popular. I opened my first dog daycare with less than a $1000. I found a good location with low rent and started. Once I had the dog daycare running successfully I included dog training and grooming. It is a little more labor intensive than some of the other suggestions but it can be a very profitable business.

Making homemade dog cookies has become a big business. There are now dog bakeries that offer a huge selection of baked goods for dogs. Gourmet dog cookies, cakes, and pastries are offered. You could supply the bakeries or package your own.

With a little imagination and some work, you could easily apply yourself to some of the suggestions offered in this article. In a short time, you could be working with dogs and developing an income stream that puts money in your pocket and bank account.

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