Reasons Every Dog Owners Needs Dog Activity Trackers

As a nation of dog lovers, we know that keeping our furry friend happy and healthy is important. Recently, dog owners are turning to a wearable device to monitor their pet wellness. Like human activity trackers, these devices show how much time your dog spend walking, running and playing, as well as sleep quality. Now, these types of devices are made for dogs and the owners are embracing the idea. Fortunately, dog activity trackers have a lot of advantages that make it easier for dog owners to keep their pets healthy.

It helps count Steps and Monitor Sleep: Some dogs are lazier than others and a lack of movement can result in unwanted health problems.  Hormone imbalances, Cardio-respiratory disorders,  tracheal collapse, skin problems, and early death have been linked to dog obesity. As dogs get they are likely to exercise less and sleep more which encourages weight-gain and its associated health issues. With this new wearable technology, owners can easily monitor for any necessary changes to their pet’s diet or the possible need for veterinary intervention.

Burn Calories: Dog calorie requirements vary depending on age, reproductive status, activity level and. For instance, a Jack Russell Terrier breed needs more calories than the less-active miniature poodle breed, not minding the similarity in size. These is the reason some breeds need more exercise than others. Dog fitness trackers like the FitBark, track the calories burned daily by our furry companions. Make sure that your dogs getting the appropriate amount of calorie intake to maintain a healthy body condition.

Remote tracking: The monitoring of physical conditioning methods is common among active human beings.The dogs do not care where they were, but the owners may want to know. Fortunately, many dog followers have applications available that allow owners to do so. These days, some parents of pets can live comfortably without work. Smartphone calls allow owners not only to use GPS to find a lost dog but also to follow the daytime activity levels of the comic as they are geographically separated. Some tracking devices provide fun lighting controls to increase visibility.

Dog owners often worry about not knowing the sort of problem Fido is getting while they are at work. Regardless of where the dog is, the owners must ensure adequate exercise to protect the dog from the undesired effects of low activity levels. Incredibly, dog owners seem just as likely to monitor their pets’ activities as they are to track their own.

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