New York Senator to Establish Pet Passenger Bill for State Airlines

According to the senator, the bill would prohibit the stowing of animals in the overhead compartments and would require adequate climate control and ventilation for animals transported in cabins separated from their owners.

The bill arose in response to the death of a 10 months dog kokito after a flight assistant ordered the owners to stow the puppy, which was in the Transportation Security Administration-approved pet carrier in the cabin during the Houston flight to New York. . The dog died during the flight. The legislation, called the Kokito Law, will also require that aviation personnel be trained in the safety of pets.

In a letter to United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, Alcântara wrote that she asks the county prosecutor to launch a criminal investigation into the death of the dog, stating that "she will do everything possible to assist the DA Association use the available legal resources to achieve justice for this family.” She also says that the airline's claim that flight attendant host did not know there was an animal in the bag was "obscene".

"The statement of the airline that the host does not know that there is a dog in the carrier is outrageous. The passenger and her daughter have been repeatedly informed about the dog. However, the attendant did not take any action to deal with their concerns or check the bag for the animal, “According to the letter.”It is clear that passengers do not bring dog carriers on board as a portable item without bringing their pets," he said. "This funny claim should not happen and it does not stand up to the criminal courts."

The senator, along with owners of Kokito's and other animal rights activists, protested at the Lagardia airport in New York on Sunday to demand improvements to protect pets traveling on airplanes.

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