A pet dog is a wonderful gift to give to a child, especially for kids who don't have siblings since dogs offer comfort, companionship, and friendship to their owners - plus it's a great way to teach children about being responsible.

However, not all dogs are suitable for kids, particularly the younger ones hence, finding the best dog breed for children is important. It just won't do to pick the first cute one and hand it over to the child.

Small dogs may get easily trampled by a boisterous youngster while the big ones may harm the child. Researching on the best dog breed for children will allow parents to get one that is just right for their age and size.

Before gifting our children with a pet dog, it is important to understand the behavior of each dog breed, how big they will get once they reach maturity and how to care for them the right way. Below are five of the best dogs suitable for children:

1. Labrador Retriever - Now, this is for most people, the best dog breed for children and the perfect companion for families. Although they are likewise used for search and rescue operations, these lovable and sociable dog makes for a great pet for kids.

2. Poodle - The poodle should also be included as the best dog breed for children because they are just the perfect size even for small children plus their temperament is easygoing that any child would love to have this one as a pet.

This one has the perfect combination of beauty and brains and they make for perfect companions as well. They have three size variations: standard, mini and toy. Poodles are also easily trained so children will have fun teaching them tricks and play with them

3. Golden Retriever - This dog is one of the more popular breeds around the world and makes for the best dog breed for children. While the Golden Retriever is usually used in search and rescue programs, they also make for great family pets. They are very affectionate and this is one dog breed that truly loves attention.

They can grow up to twenty-four inches and weigh around seventy-five pounds. One thing to remember about this dog is that it requires plenty of exercises and they love to play as well.

4. Beagle - Who doesn't love Snoopy? The beagle is a relatively small dog that is friendly and happy all the time. They love to be in the thick of things and would surely love a romp in the backyard with our children. They grow to about fifteen inches and weigh approximately thirty pounds. They can reach up to twenty-four and a half inches and weigh approximately eighty pounds.

5. Boxer - Lastly, Boxers are also very friendly and they are very affectionate as well. They are gentle pet dogs and are great as family dogs. They can grow up to twenty-five inches and weigh about seventy-five pounds upon maturity. These dogs have a high energy level hence; they are perfect for frolicking, playing and just having a good time with kids.

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