Signs and Symptoms of Dog Urination Problems

Are you just tired of your dog urinating all over the worst possible places in your house? More than likely, he is suffering from dog urination problems that are related to some physical problem which is the direct result of a physical issue. Instead of berating your dog take a look at possible medical conditions causing the problem. Once you know the cause you can confidently seek out a proper remedy program for his dog urination trouble.

Dog urinary problems are as frustrating for you as they are uncomfortable and downright painful for your dog. In order to be able to treat the problem quickly and effectively, it helps to know the signs and symptoms. The following are some Symptoms you should watch out for.
  • Dog urination trouble may cause your dog to urinate in inappropriate areas. If you find urine on the carpet or in the bathroom, you need to get your dog checked out immediately. Many times when dogs have urinary problems, they have an uncontrollable urge to urinate or urinary incontinence. This causes them to urinate in inappropriate areas of the home.
  • Is your dog is acting lethargic? Is his abdomen tender? Is his lazy behaviour accompanied by fever? These are all signs of dog urination problems in their late stages so you need to get him checked out immediately.
  • One of the first signs of dog urination trouble is that you notice your dog urinating with more or less frequently than usual. Dogs that urinate more frequently may have an infection and dogs that urinate less frequently may have a blockage. It helps to know your dog well and how often he urinates normally in order to spot any changes in his behaviour.
  • Is your dog drinking a lot more water than usual? If so, he is probably dehydrated and dehydration is one of the first symptoms of dog urination trouble. It will be especially obvious if your dog is drinking lots of water in cold weather without having exercised.
  •   Dog urination problems cause painful urination in your dog. If you notice him straining to urinate an infection or blockage may be the cause. Watch your dog when he urinates to see if he is acting unusual.
  • Lastly, as you can see, there are a lot of ways to tell if your dog is suffering from dog urination problems. You need to take your dog to the vet to get him check of course but what can you do at home to control the symptoms and help him recover? The best thing to do at home gives your dog a homoeopathic remedy, and a special diet of raw, unprocessed food, plenty of filtered water to drink. If you follow these simple steps you will be able to help your dog recover permanently from his urinary problems, maybe if you keep him on a preventative program and conventional treatment may not be necessary at all.

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