8 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Dogs

Docile dogs live longer: Live fast, die young: It is Maxim referring not only to humans. Defiant dog breeds tend to die earlier than docile dogs, as indicated by a research that compares the lifespan of different dog breeds. According to research by Vincent Caro at the University of Sherbrook in Quebec, Canada. The study compared the personalities, growth rates, life spans of more than 50 dog breeds. After controlling for the size - Careau's group discovered that the most obedience breeds, such as poodles, bichon fries, and German shepherds, tend to live longer than disobedient dog breeds like Pomeranian and beagles.

Dogs can predict epileptic seizures for up to 45 minutes before it occurs. Nobody really knows what dogs are picking on, although there are hypotheses that it may have something to do with an unknown smell or minor behavior changes. Also, dogs can smell cancers. Researchers believe that puppies pick up on "very faint scents radiated by the anomalous cells."

Dogs smell better than human: According to research the smell center of a dog's brain is 40 times bigger than that of human and their noses have millions of scent receptors while human nose has averages of 5 million. Dachshunds have 125 million—making the breed useful in sniffing out explosives, corpses, drugs, bed bugs, cancer and much more.

Puppies are born blind and deaf:  When puppies are born, research confirmed they are born blind and deaf. When observing newborn puppies they appear to be incomplete and helpless. According to Psychology Today, newborn dogs are still developing, so their ear canals and eyes are still closed. Most puppies open their eyes and react to the noise after two weeks.

Tail wagging has a different meaning: According to Discovery.com, wagging of tail not really means your dog is happy to see you; dogs wag their tails to the right when they're happy and to the left when they're frightened. Wagging low implies they're insecure, and fast tail wagging with tense muscles can signal aggression.

Dogs mate only twice a year: Unspayed bitch experience heat twice a year, so dog owners should know that it is much better to get a bitch puppy spayed in about 5 months, and if you want it to go into heat, she will have 1 chance in 12 of developing mammary cancer, and if your dog has puppies she will have 1 in 4 chance of developing this type of cancer.

Dogs are as smart as a two-year-old baby: According to dog researcher and author Stanley Koren, your two years old child and pup are on the same level when it comes to brains. He also explained that your dog can count, understand more than 150 words, and even deceive people or other dogs to get treats. Intelligence varies depending on the dog breed – Border Collies are most intelligent breed.

No two dog noses are the same: The uniqueness of a dog nose is similar to a human fingerprint. Just as no two human fingerprints are the same, a nose print is unique to that dog, if you look directly at a dog's nose, you will observe the formation of lines patterns similar to fingerprints.

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