7 Surprising Reasons Why Dog Eat Poop

7 Surprising Reasons Why Dog Eat Poop.

Though it may be disgusting seeing your dog eating poop. Coprophagia (the habit of deliberate eating of poop) is a common behavior among dogs. But why do dogs eat poop? Behaviorists and veterinary experts have spent years trying to find out the reasons why dogs eat poop. It is essential to look at the history of dog and their natural instincts. In the wild, dogs survived by consuming their poop to keep predators from getting their scents, wild dogs eat the internal organs of their kill. Some animal behaviorists consider this may intrinsically cause dogs to relate the meaty substances found in poop with the internal organs of their kill. The following are some of the familiar reasons and answers to "why dogs eat poop?"

1. Hiding the Evidence: If you are very harsh with your dog every time you find them defecating inside the house, your dog may be driven to eat their feces to erase the evidence and avoid scolding. The next time you find poop inside the house, pick it up and talking to them gently. You can also register them in dog obedience training classes to eliminate this kind of behavior.

2. Stress: Dogs, similar to humans, may also feel stressed due of to anxiety problems. Stress can force your dog to do strange things like eating dog poop. To rehabilitate your pup, get rid of stressors that may be disturbing your dog or, if the problem Lack of Nutrients resists and you feel you've done all you.

3. Lack of Nutrients: One of the primary reasons why dogs eat poop is improper diet. This can happen when we do not watch what our dogs eat. Unknowingly, your dog may be lacking certain vitamins and nutrients, which may be due to poor quality food or parasites and worms. In this case, a dog will resort to eating poop to restore the missing nutrients.

4. Indigestion: When a dog consumes too much food, you dogs can find it tough to digest all the food they have eaten, particularly if their diet is fairly fatty. Undigested dogs of their meal would turn out in their poop, making their poop look and taste like their actual meal.

5.  They copied it From Other Dogs: Occasionally, when there are a lot of dogs in a house, or if your dog is left to roam freely outside, they may simply witness another dog eating poop. Thoughts that it is normal behavior, your dog may copy it and finally adopt the behavior as its own. Also, you may be astonished to know, if your dog shares a home with an unhealthy dog, may eat his sick housemate's feces. This has to do with a canine's instinctive tendency to hide and protect their sick family member from being under attack by predators.

6. Lack of Nutrients: This could be one of the main reasons why dogs eat poop. For instance, a researched conducted in the year 1981 by the American Journal of Veterinary Research discover that dogs develop coprophagia if they're feed a diet that's lacking in thiamine (vitamin B1). But such deficiencies are not likely to happen frequently under normal circumstances. Other studies have confirmed that chronic pancreatic deficiency, malabsorption syndrome and starvation can result to dogs coprophagia. In these cases, a huge amount of undigested food may wind up in the stool — a dog may eat its own poop to improved nutritional value in its stool and his also increased appetite from malabsorption.

7. He simply Like the Taste Lastly, disgusting but true. Several dogs just find the taste of animal poop more delicious than their actual dog food! This doesn't make much sense to us humans except for the fact that feces looks a lot like what you gave your dog when he was just a puppy.

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