7 Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Devices

Dog barking is a common behavior problem that many dog owners face. It scares away the postman, annoys the neighbors, intimidates visitors, causes neighborhood disturbances, and sometimes lawsuits. A scientific survey revealed that about one-third of dogs bark excessively. Some dog owners see barking problems as perhaps the most common problem they have to deal with. If you feel helpless when your dog starts barking and it looks like you can’t do anything about it. 

Then the good news is that we have researched the market and come up with the safest dog bark control devices that will teach your dog to be quiet and calm. This will help suppress and prevent constant barking and allow you to relax and work in harmony. The following are the top 5 most reliable and safest ultrasound bark control devices.

 1. Bark Silencer 2.0 

This is discrete and small, perfect for pocket-size, and it produces an ultrasonic sound that is inaudible to humans, but dogs and their sensitive hearing will have no trouble picking it up. Bark Silencer 2.0 is 100 percent safe to use for dogs, humans, and other animals, and has a remarkable range of 30 feet. Meaning it can also affect your neighbor's barking dog and eventually get you some peace when you are trying to sleep. The following are other great features that make Bark Silencer 2.0 one of the best anti-barking devices on the market.
  •  Safe for dogs, cats, and humans 
  • It is easy to use up 
  • Absolutely inaudible to humans 

 3. MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

 If your dog barks excessively, then this is the right product that comes with additional features and functions that allow you to take control of the problem. This anti-barking device is primarily designed to stop your dog from barking continuously, but can also act as an effective dog training aid. This device definitely stands out for its lightweight and advanced features. The following are other great features that make the Modus anti-barking device one of the best on the market.
  •  It is perfect for dog walking 
  • It emits low battery LED light
  • It is Portable and comes with a strap
  •  It can also be used effectively as a dog training aid
  • It fits in the palm of your hand and can be easily operated 
  • Comes with an adjustable antistatic wrist strap
  • It runs on 4 AAA batteries and also comes with a green LED pointer to indicate that the device is working
  • It is 100 percent safe for pets
  •  It comes with a 24-month guarantee 

 3. PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent Remote 

If you are looking for an affordable anti-barking device, then PetSafe's Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent Remote is the perfect choice for you. More than 400 Amazon customers have already testified the effectiveness of this device, and the good reviews still keep on coming. PetSafe service is one of the best in the dog community and will help you with any flaws you may find in your product. They offer 24/7 customer support, and if you have questions or are concerned about the product or its effect on your dog, you can quickly email them and get answers within hours. That is not all; the following are other great features that make this product one of the best on the market. 
  • 30 feet of range
  •  It has positive and negative sound buttons 
  • It has a long battery life 
  • It comes with LED light for low/full battery 

 4. First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control

This is another great anti-barking device that can help control your dog incessant barking and howling. First Alert Bark Genie stands out for the right reasons. It is ultrasonic; meaning the sound it emitted is inaudible to human ears. It should also be noted that in addition to incessant barking, you can also use this device to control your dog's bad behavior. And it is well designed to fit in the palm of your hand. The following are other great features that make this device one of the best anti-barking devices on the market. 
  • It is compact, small, and easy to use
  • It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and you can stop your dog constant barking with the push of a button. 
  • It is portable and can be used indoors and outdoors
  • It works on all dog breeds 

 5. Zelers Sonic Bark Deterrents

One good thing about this device is that you will have to hang it on the wall, set up your ultrasound range, and that is all. You don’t need to press any button to turn it on, since the functioning is more or less automatic. If you are looking for a gadget that you can install in a corner, then this is the perfect choice for you. Zelers Sonic Bark Deterrents is an ultrasonic sound emitter that is designed to work on all breeds, simply hang the device on a wall, fence post, or a tree and use it to control your dog. The following are other great features that make this device one of the best on the market.
  • It is designed for easy handling and installation
  •  Comes with great design
  •   Can be used to modify the behavior of your dogs 
  • Works at a distance of 25 feet 
  • It weighs 3.2 ounces 
  • It comes with two LED lights to indicate battery status

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