5 Dog Training Tools and Advice

Dog training is not as easy as some people think; you need to educate yourself to be able to train your dog properly. People often make unintended mistakes in regard to dog training, because they do not understand their dog's mind. Your dog requires some basic tools to be trained properly and you need to know how to do it right. Basically, you must arm yourself with the best dog training tools available in order to train your dog correctly.

Training tools are very essential if you want to train your dog tricks especially obedience. You can train your dog yourself, as it will build a great bond between you and your pet. Just note that any tool you used should be comfortable for your dog to avoid injury. Abusing or hurting your dog will not make the pup do what you want him or her to do, so you need to be patient and understanding. The following are some essential dog-training tools and advice that will help you train your dog in a very easy and most comfortable way.


This can be used to mark the desired behavior, either in response to a cue or when it happens naturally. Clickers come in different shapes and styles, like handheld and wrist straps clickers. Some dog leashes even come with built-in clickers. There are also clicker apps for smartphones and clickers made for training multiple dogs, with different unique sounds for each dog.

Dog Leashes

This is one of the tools almost every dog owner uses on a daily basis and you can use it to train your puppy how to behave properly during walks, to make corrections, and to gain greater control over your dog. Training leashes differ in length, usually between four and six feet. Ideally, this length is long enough to allow a little slack when your pup stays close to you during walks, rather than being pulled tight all the time. Using a plain leash is suitable for almost all environments, but a retractable leash is the best if you walk your dog in large open environments like parks. Check Amazon for Price

Dog Collar and Harness

The collar can hold your dog identification tag, which is necessary if your dog gets out on its own. While you can as well tie the leash to a flat dog collar, a front clip harness is a better choice for most dogs, as it can help prevent pulling and make it easy for you to control your pooch movement. For dogs that are difficult to control, a head halter can be a better choice.

Dog Treats

This keeps your dog interested and motivated. Dog preference for the treats varies according to individual dogs; however, in general, soft meaty treats are dog’s favorites. The treats should be small in size, about the size of a pencil eraser or cranberry. Some dog training treats come pre-sized, while others may be broken to pieces or reduced to a small size before training.

Dog Barriers

If you want to contain your dog to a particular area like house training, you can use crates, playpen, and pet gate to achieve this. A barrier can as well be useful for keeping your dog away from problem areas such stairs or the front door.

Finally, remember that the best tool you need is your own skills: training a puppy or an adult dog can take months and years and requires persistence and patience. Start reading some dog training books, learn more about the breed of your dog, talk to other dog owners, and visit some websites. Then, buy dog training tools mentioned above, learn how to use them correctly, and also work with your natural instincts.

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