A Furry ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Has Died

Game of Thrones has delighted millions of people around the world, in fact, it is widely considered today as the most-watched series on the small screen. The sad news is that we just lost one of the furry stars of this popular TV series. Odin, who played Bran's direwolf puppy summer in the 2011 series premiere of the HBO fantasy hit, has reportedly succumbed to cancer, his family announced on Instagram Thursday.

"Our family regrets to announce Odin's death early this morning," the GoT Direwolves, a tour company, wrote in a long Instagram post. "It is not easy to put into words how this affected us as a family for Odin lead a life like no other dog."

To all that was lucky enough to meet Odin and put a smile on your face, remember that moment," said the publication. "Your incredible luck is having a pet that you love so well that it becomes world famous and touches the hearts of many people."

Odin owner, William Mulhall explained that Odin’s battle with cancer earlier this month and sends a video of the dog’s medical treatment to crowdfund. Mulhall explained in the video that he was under financial pressure because the coronavirus outbreak caused massive cancellations of direwolf tour company events.

Mulhall allegedly bought Odin and Thor, another Northern Inuit who played Robb Stark’s Grey Wind with his savings when he was 18. A week later, both dogs were booked for roles on “Game of Thrones.

Mulhall said Odin and Thor’s reputation helped raise funds and awareness for organizations like Macmillan's Cancer Support in the UK and Northern Breed Dog Charities. He estimated that Odin had met about 500,000 people through events and tours over the years. Also, he described Odin meeting George R. Martin, the author of "Game of Thrones" as a full-circle moment.

"Odin was a very smart dog. Apparently, his training for ‘Game of Thrones’ took less time than usual proved that. He was happy, patient and enjoyed people, walking along the beaches, and hikes up mountains. Life with the dog was an adventure. He was very dear to our family and we are besieged with the sadness of his death. Mulhall said, “From the beginning, they were the dogs we always dreamed of and went to make other people's dreams come true. It touched the hearts of many people around the world. One thing is certain; our life would not be the same without Odin and Thor. "

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