All You Need to Know about Stabyhoun Dog Breed


Stabyhoun is a pooch with a gorgeous look and is known for their skills as a water retriever and for his soft mouth which will retrieve the birds in good condition. The work and origin of this breed are that of a gundog breed originated from Friesland in the Netherlands. The breed is known to be an excellent swimmer and water retriever, with a gentle disposition and a friendly personality. It is sometimes heavily built and has also been used as a draft dog. 

The Stabyhoun is a farm dog and hunting dog, and Dutch farmers appreciate its ability to take on many roles on the farm, from hunting to watchdogs to protecting livestock and even as a family pet. Like a dog on a family farm, he also plays the role of a rodent killer, as he will go after moles and rats and even hunt wild game.

Breed Origin

This dog originated in the northeast region of the Netherlands, where he was used as a watchdog and hunting dog. Its name comes from the Dutch word for "stand by me dog.” The breed is not widely known outside of the Netherlands, although it has become increasingly popular in England and Germany. In 1942, it was officially accepted by the F.C.I. as a member of the Gundog group, it has grown steadily in popularity after the great world wars. Currently, there are only about 3,500 registered members of the breed and Stabyhoun breeders are fully aware of the need to follow precise breeding practices with such a limited genetic pool.

Characteristics and Coat Color

Stabyhoun can be orange and white, black and white, or even brown and white. It has a shiny single coat with long fur, and breeches on the rump and back legs, and feathering on the front legs. Its entire coat may be dotted or "ticked" or the spots may be large and splashy. Tri-color is not acceptable in the breed standard. The dog tail is shaggy and has a unique feature in that the tail tip is covered with a short smooth coat. Stabyhoun is a medium-sized dog, built just like a spaniel dog. 

The dog is skillful at hunting and retrieving and will point and flush naturally. It can retrieve from water as well as land. It is reliable, affectionate, and also a calm family dog with a reliably gentle temperament. Perfectly, the males weigh about 50 pounds and stand about 20.5 inches at shoulder level. The females are a little smaller, measuring about 19 inches at shoulder levels and weighing about 45 pounds.


Stabyhoun is an excellent retriever, particularly from water, so if you live near a lake or have a pool; he will be in Paradise. Just like most sporting breeds, Stabyhoun is tolerant, friendly, and willing to please. He also enjoys participating in canine sports such as flyball, obedience, and agility.

They love spending time with their people and they are friendly with children and other pets. Start training early to take advantage of its intelligence and desire to be with you.


Stabyhoun's long and elegant coat comes in different color markings. Regular brushing will prevent the coat from becoming tangled and reduce shedding. Unless your dog’s gotten into something very smelly, he doesn't need to shower. Baths can destroy the softness of the coat.

Health Issues

The Stabyhoun's average life expectancy is around 13 to 14 years. The most common genetic problems that affect this breed are elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, radius curvus, epilepsy, and PDA (congenital heart disorder).

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