5 Best Pet Cameras and Treat Dispensers in 2019

Owning a dog requires commitment and time, it can be a little bit challenging if you work long hours or travel frequently. As a caring owner, you will always want to know how your furry pal is doing while you are away even though he stays with family or has a pet sitter with him. You also want to ensure that your dog is regularly fed while you are not around.

Fortunately, there are pet cameras and treat dispensers that can help you fed and monitor your dog while you are away from home. These devices let dog owners feed their dogs and at the same time keep an eye on their dog while away from home. Just with a touch button on their Smartphone, your furry pal can feel your presence while you are miles away from home.

But the problem is that with so many pet cameras and treats dispensers available on the market today, buying the right one for your dog can seem like a difficult task. To help you make the right choice, we researched the Internet’s preferred models based on the features that dog owners care about most, so you can pick the best model based on your needs.

Whether you are looking for an automatic dog food dispenser or a no-frills basic security camera, we have the best options to help alleviate your dog separation anxiety. We spend time researching, analyzing and testing these products. After days of intense research on the best pet feeders and cameras on the market, the following are our 5 best choices for most dog owners.

1. Furbo Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

This is ideal for dog owners who want everything from their products. It comes with 720p HD video surveillance, night vision; bark alert, and tosses dog treat on command from your tablet or Smartphone. This is one of the few pet cameras in the market specifically designed with dogs in mind; it comes with a lot of features that make it the best choice among dog owners.

One of the features dog owners appreciates the most is the real-time barking alert. When your dog barks, you will receive notification directly on your Smartphone. This is perfect especially for owners with frightened or anxious dogs, as it helps their owner to know immediately if there is something bothering their puppy, and check-in through a live video feed to find out exactly what's going on. The alert sensitivity can be adjusted so that you are not warned of every little whimper, but instead only louder barks that can disturb your neighbors.

This product truly has it all, for dog owners who live in single-family homes or dog owners who usually place their food near a door or window, the critter-proof feature provides peace of mind while you are away. The night vision, high-quality video capability, picture features, and critter-proofing make this pet camera and treat dispenser the consumer’s favorite. Check Amazon for the Price.

2. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

This pet camera comes with a wide range of features and a reasonable price; it is a great choice for dog owners who want to stay in touch with their pets. Pawbo camera supports two-way audio, dispenses treats, streams video, and even lets you play laser tag with your dog.

Dog owners appreciate the ability to watch their dogs from a distance on their phones, and they can zoom the image up to four times for a better view. You can even take photos or record videos directly from the live stream to store on your device. Your furry pal will be alerted to your presence with a special ringtone, and then you can use the two-way voice function to let him hear your voice.

Another cool feature that dog owners love about this pet camera is the treat dispenser, which allows you to reward your dog for good behavior even when you are away from home. The integrated laser allows you to enjoy a fun game of chase, even while in the office. Check Amazon for the price.

3. Petcube Bites Pet Camera

This pet camera comes with a lot of fun features, a remotely operated treat dispenser, and a high-definition camera. One of the most remarkable features of this pet camera is that it is compatible with Amazon Alexa; you can treat your dog hands-free. And can connect up to six cameras to a single account, which means you can monitor your dog all over the house. Dog owners can view life and recorded video with this camera; it has a night vision mode to keep an eye on your dog any time of the day.

It treats dispenser can accommodate up to 100 small, round treats and will dispense them up to six feet into the air by a simple tap of a button, or according to a set schedule. Family sharing means you can also let others look in on the fun. The sound and motion detections give you peace of mind that your dog is safe and fine. Check Amazon for the price.

4. PetChatz HD PawCall

One favorite feature about this pet camera is its two-way video function, which allows dogs to see their owners during the call. PetChatz HD camera can provide an extra level of comfort to your dog, beyond your voice. It comes with a "paw pad" that allows you to train your dog to step on, which means your furry pals can alert you whenever they feel lonely or wants some playtime. There is also an option to check-in silent mode, so your dog is not notified that you are watching and cannot see you.

You can easily mount it on the wall to be secure from mischievous dogs. It can play recorded material on the screen, which is a great feature for dogs who like watching TV with their owners. It also comes with an integrated treat dispenser that dog owners can control or can be activated via the brain games feature. The camera also has a calming aromatherapy option.

Not like some pet cameras which can be monitored only by the use of a Smartphone app, this camera can also be monitored online. The PetChatz HD camera was designed by top dog behaviorists, psychologists, researchers, and technologists to provide a completely engaging experience for dogs, and have a chew-resistant design. Check Amazon for the price.

5. Petzi Treat Cam

This is an affordable and simple interactive camera, the Petzi Treat Cam is a great choice for dog owners who don’t need any crazy bells or whistles, but just need the opportunity to check on their furry pals every now and then. The Petzi Treat Cam is an app-controlled, which means you can use your Smartphone or tablet to keep an eye on your dog wherever you are. Although it provides high-quality audio feed for your dog, it does not have the ability for dog owners to listen in.

This pet camera and treat dispenser comes with a treat dispenser that allows dog owners to remotely reward their furry pal at the touch of a button. Many other cameras with treat dispensers can only hold small treats, but Petzi can hold treats of about an inch in size. And if you catch your dog doing something very cute, you can use the app to easily snap a photo to show it to your friends and family later.

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