Shelter Dog Adoption Guidelines

Don’t just drive to a shelter and adopt any dog. The first thing you should have is a love for dogs and really need them to be your constant companion and best friend. Adopting in haste would be an exercise in despair for both you and the dog if unconditional love was missing.

In many countries, lots of dogs are put to sleep annually because no one wants them. Shelters can't keep them because of space and budget constraints. So, in that context, your `dog for adoption' venture can actually save a life!

What is the best approach to use when you are looking for shelter dogs for adoption? The following are some tips which you can follow:

1. What type of house are you living in? The answer to this question is very important because you need to give the dog some space to move around and play.

2. Do you have children in the house? Are they well-versed in caring for dogs? If not, then it's wise to tell the animal shelter personnel about this so that they can recommend the best type of dog to have. Do not assume that dogs don't mind being poked at or prodded upon.

3. What is your lifestyle like? Are you into a sedate or active lifestyle? You need to take this factor into consideration. For a sedate lifestyle, an old dog may be ideal for you. Tell the animal shelter guy about this too and they should be able to help you pick the perfect companion for you.

4. Okay, let's assume that the adoption process is over and the puppy is now in your house. Remember, you are bringing him into an entirely new environment so he/she may need time to adjust to it. His appetite may suddenly "disappear" and there's no potty for days. Don't panic. Shower him/her with love and be patient. Before you know it things will be alright as his stress level perishes and he relaxes.

5. Do not try to force your dog to respond to your whims and fancies at the snap of your fingers. You must understand that he had lived with different owners before and he needs time to adjust to your "behavior". For instance, if you want him to cuddle with you as you watch television; you must remember that he may not want to do it because his previous master disliked that act. So be understanding and give him time to adapt to his new surroundings.

6. After bringing the dog home from the shelter, tell the kids not to sit on him, pull his tail, go near his food or taunt him. The poor dog needs time to adjust to his new environment and thus you must let him do that in his own time, not yours, or else his fear and stress may cause him to bite your kids.

Remember these tips because many lovable animals have ended up in the shelter simply because the owners didn't understand that dogs have needs and feelings too, just like us humans. These tips will help you when looking for shelter dogs for adoption.

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